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Ways to Repurpose, Refurbish and Remove Old Furniture

When the old furniture reaches the end of its days, it’s best to not leave it lying around or crammed in a dusty little corner because it will end up piling up and filling your old house. Or maybe you have a couch but no way to buy a new one and need a quick fire way to make use of it? Don’t worry. There are loads of options you can take with situations just as these. Just be prepared as some of these may need transportation, and it may be preferred in you search for removals in London for larger moving jobs. Here are a whole range of options you can take to solve those pesky problems:

Donate to Charity Shops.

Most people aren’t as fortunate as us to be able to get a new couch, so donating to charity shops or homes for people in need is a great way to remove clutter and help your local economy and citizens living there. As they always say; Treat someone how you would like to be treated. You can even possibly donate to local schools and colleges to use for performance props or chill-out furniture.

Sell Online.

The digital age is here which means you can easily sell and buy online. This way you get money for your goods and also have a wider base of people you can reach. This is easily done by using different sites such as Ebay and Amazon (Marketplace Platforms) and Facebook or Depop (Social Media which can include sales platforms).

Refurbish and D.I.Y

This is an extremely creative and fun option if you have time on your hands. You can strip down your furniture and make it into something completely new or you can change up the colours and fabrics to give it a brand new pop of colour. There are beyond thousands of options to look out for and if you don’t mind getting messy, do it with the kids!

Recycle or Skips

Some places will give you cash for your parts and it has become highly noticed by the government that recycling goods is essential with the high demand market in recent years. This option is great for you green-thumbs or for those who just want to get rid quick!


Quite like D.I.Y, repurposing old objects is creative, fun and really brings character to your house. Primary schools use repurposing a lot more these days, and they use things like old bins, sinks, toilets, really any old ragged furniture to be used as plant pots. This also works for small items such as jars which can be used as handy containers for spices or money! You could even use old bits from furniture and build brand new seats from them. Repurposing is more of finding a new use of an object, while D.I.Y and refurbishing contains more hands on and creative thinking.

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