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Water Pipe Smoking: How to Do It the Right Way

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Are you interested in a clean, smooth, and potentially healthier smoking experience? A water pipe may be an excellent option for you.

Water pipes, or bongs, use water to cool and filter smoke. This keeps the smoke from being uncomfortably hot and allows for a much cleaner and pleasant experience.

But that experience is only going to be pleasant if you know how to use a water pipe correctly. That’s why we’re here to help. Here is your water pipe smoking guide to a great smoke.

For your benefit, we offer the following water pipe smoking tips: keeping your bong clean, having the right accessories on hand, and then creating the best smoking experience with proper lighting and inhaling.

Keep Your Pipe Clean

As is the case with any pipe, you need to keep it clean. A dirty pipe can become irreversibly damaged if it is smoked when dirty.

Furthermore, the leftover resin from old tobacco ash can actually be harmful to your health. Smoking resin can cause a sore or irritated throat, a headache, and difficulty breathing. For the sake of your pipe and your health, keep your water pipe clean and don’t smoke it when it’s dirty.

Have Necessary Accessories

There are a variety of glass pipe accessories you should have when using your glass pipe. Ash catchers and screens can keep you from accidentally inhaling ash. It would help if you also had pipe cleaners to clear out old ash and use fresh wicks for lighting the pipe.

Don’t try to use your pipe without all the necessary tools.

Light and Smoke Properly

It’s good to know the anatomy of your pipe in this process. Fill your pipe with water until the bottom of the downstream is fully submerged. Then, fill the bowl, which you’ll find near the base with a stem attached to it, with cannabis.

Put your mouth over the tube’s opening before lighting the bowl. You can start inhaling once you see the marijuana is burning. As you inhale, the tube will fill with smoke.

When the chamber is filled with smoke, clear the chamber by sliding the bowl out of the downstream. This allows for an open flow as you inhale. To avoid the smoke from getting stale, don’t wait too long between inhales.

At that point, you can simply enjoy your experience. Remember to clean the pipe after you are done and it has cooled down.

More On Water Pipe Smoking And Cannabis

Now you know more about proper water pipe smoking, you’re bound to have a more pleasant and ideal smoking experience. These tips will make for a comfortable and relaxing experience, which is what smoking a pipe is all about.

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