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Want To Have A Car? Be Smart And Get A *Used* One

A fastest growing market for new cars is directly proportional to the rapidly growing market for used cars. With the demand for new cars, prices go higher day by day to make it costlier for the reach of common man. But in a market where new car models come in almost every month, these new models are entering used car market after a certain time. It makes things easy for buyers to get a good buy without making a hole in your pocket.

5 Reasons To Buy A Used Car

Makes sense for first timers upgrading from two-wheeler or one who wants to get a second buy for the family.

  1. Money-Saving: Purchasing a used car saves a lot of money for a lesser price than the original value of that car. It Marjory depends on manufacturing year and kilometers done. For example, take the Maruti Suzuki Swift Lxi in New Delhi. A new car costs Rs. 5,28,057 on road. Whereas a 1-year-old, same model costs Rs. 4,15,000 if buying from a dealership and Rs. 3,85,000 in the case of thein dividual firsthand owner. Hence, it’s clear that used Swift car in India costs much lower in every other city also.
  2. Drive 24*7: A new car has to undergo inspection or service first and then long journeys are to be done. In the case of a used one, this tension is cut down because the headache of the potential risk of scratches is much lower.
  3. Only Certified Cars, So No Cheating: With the evolution of the auto industry, the market to sell and buy a used car has also evolved. No need to believe on verbal promises of cunning dealer or individual because getting the power of certification on your own is easy. Pre-owned cars undergo thorough checks were worn out, and malfunctioning parts are changed. Get an additional warranty from a few dealers as well.
  4. Slower Depreciation = Lossless money: A used car has a much slower rate of depreciation compared to brand new one. Because depreciation comes at the zenith during three years of purchase, but buying a used car crosses that major peak period.
  5. Cheap Insurance: Very important to have insurance transferred to the buyer’s name upon delivery. Or have insurance at a lower rate and if lucky can find an already insured car for next 5-6 months.

Therefore, with savings, certification assurance and warranty, a used car can give almost everything a new one would give. Even if you sell it later, it will not bust your pocket much. So buying a used car is more affordable and practical idea for beginners.

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