VPS: A Few Things to Know

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Online presence and reputation can barely be compromised with in the present era. Everyday every site is trying hard to get as much attention as possible. Security, uptime and speed are looked for by each and every site. It ultimately depends on the choice of hosting services. Among the hosting options, VPS or virtual private server has gained enough attention as it is a perfect mix of the features of shared server and dedicated server. It perfectly sits between the two terms: price and performance. If you are looking for the benefits of dedicated servers at the price of shared servers, VPS is the option you need.


VPS is nothing but living in an apartment which is in a building along with other apartments. VPS gives a private CPU, RAM, storage as well as operating system. It is a package that comes at a cheaper price but with limitations.

Managed And Unmanaged

Unmanaged servers mean a load of extra work. While tech savvy people can get a grab of it quite easily, it will be tough for others. People with busy schedule might find it tough to keep up with routine tasks. While managed server will cost more, it will reduce the pressure of necessary tasks.


This is one of the most critical things to consider. Issues can just start to create problems with your site and it requires immediate attention. A service provider like provides 24*7 support which means your service producer is never off duty just like your website. 99.9 % uptime ensures that your site is always available to customers. This 24*7 support helps to control downtime. Issues can make your site to take longer to load. As none loves to wait for a page to load, managed servers offer constant support to reduce downtime. Providers offering 24*7 support can be reached at any point of time.

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