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ValueMags Partners Up with Detroit Bikes

ValueMags marketing company based out of Chicago has recently partnered up with Detroit Bikes based in Detroit. The close in proximity cities have been working together to help Detroit after Detroit Bikes went bankrupt in July of 2013 as did the city of Detroit, declaring Chapter 9 bankruptcy. In 2016, Mike Gentile, the marketing director of Detroit Bikes was tasked with increasing the projected annual number of bikes sold from 8,000 to 50,000 from their founder and President, Zak Pashak. Pashak focuses his business on fostering communities and improving the city where the business is located – he has always had an interest in sustainability.

ValueMags was interested in helping Detroit Bikes grow when the magazine marketing and distribution company learnt that Detroit Bikes was the first large bicycle producer in North America in the 21st century. The company is proud of their “Made in Detroit” brand identity.

Detroit Bikes manufactures 2 models: the A-Type and B-Type bicycle. Both bikes are slightly larger and designed for all heights and weights and they could be customized (have all the “bells and whistles”) retailing between $699 and $750. The company’s bikes are build and marketed to seek balance between affordability and quality. Recently, ValueMags has helped the company with the launch of their collector’s limited-edition bike called the C-Type retailing at $599. ValueMags was attracted to the company through their rich history in manufacturing and their perseverance of its people .

Luckily, although the city of Detroit incurred many growth setback between 2007 and 2013 (related to crime, unemployment, reputation), the city began to turn around with investments, Quicken Loans Inc., the Detroit International Riverfront project (green land and recreational space outside), and Millennials moving into the city. In 2012, Detroit Bikes purchased a 50,000 square foot factory in Detroit’s West Side which had the capacity of producing 100 bicycles per day. Although some of their  bike parts are still manufactured overseas and their factory just assembles, the company is moving in the right direction after hitting rock bottom. Thus far, their partnership with ValueMags has helped their marketing within the United States, especially in Northern U.S cities.

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