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Using Vinyl Lettering for Store Decoration

Vinyl Letters, vinyl stickers, vinyl decals- they go by so many names, but Vinyl Letters have become critically important for emerging business looking to give their company an edge over the competition with easy methods for promotion, advertising and communicating basic information. This may not seem like the most exciting aspect of your business, but you’d be wrong to discount something as cheap, easy and powerful as vinyl letters on your store.

What’s in a Name?

Keeping your business relevant means getting your name out there. It also means letting people have confidence when they’re looking for your location. Vinyl Letters provide a critical step in this process by communicating through color, texture and your storefront to shout to the world, “You’ve come to the right place!” When designing your vinyl letters for a storefront business name, keep in mind you’ll want this to be large, welcoming and understood that this is your business location. If you don’t have a door nearby, help your customers out by providing instructions. But we’ll get to that soon enough…

Business Hours for your Store

Most customers want to know a few basic things when they see a new business, what it is, does it fill one of their needs, and is it open? These are basic principles but vinyl letters provide at least one of these answers in the form of business hours. Typically you’ll find business hours posted on the front of your store near the doorway, though this isn’t always the case. Regardless of location they should be somewhere your audiences will find fairly easily.

Promote your Sale / Deal

Your business is likely to have a sale, or a deal / offer you’re looking to promote. Vinyl Letters can be an inexpensive way to bring your audience into your store location with sweet offers of dropped prices, better rates or more attractive solutions to their problems. Vinyl Letters are known to last a long time, so applying Vinyl Letters for seasonal sales can be a simple, yet cheap method to getting the most bang for your buck.

Floor Graphics

Communicating with your audience can be challenging when they’ve been honing their senses to ignore ads or promotional material. This can be a literal challenge when you’re trying to communicate important information, like directions to an exit, bathroom or otherwise important information. This is where floor graphics or floor letters can become incredibly important- because it seems that floor lettering like this hasn’t been completely ignored by our senses yet!

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