Unusual ways to relax in Riga

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In Riga, you can relax not only with a casual, standard program, but also with the one focused more on careless “Me” time spending. Be sure to include in your program wineries, baths, and casinos, Darren Keane, Storm International recommends.

Wineries. In Riga, there are several excellent wineries where you can choose and taste good vintage wines from almost all around the world. Such places are usually very cozy and romantic. Here you can meet old friends or arrange a cozy rendezvous. In most wine shops, you can order several kinds of cheese and other snacks. A stomach’s fest will be provided to you!

Bathhouses. Bathing – one of the most favorite ways of Latvia’s pastime. Within the limits of Riga, you can visit a bath of any type, including the most original ones. It is easy to have a real fairy-tale town, as if from an old Russian lubok with fireplace halls and carved sculptures.

Casino. Gambling houses create a whole different recreational direction, Storm International, Darren Keane comments. Many guests from neighboring countries go to junket tours to Riga.

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