Unmissable Unique Food Items Found In Subway International Menu

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Subway is presently the world’s largest fast-food sandwich outlet. The popular food chain boasts around 44,000 stores across 112 countries around the globe. While every other country might have only 1-2 stores, you will find them everywhere.

Recently, you will be surprised to see how Subway has changed their Subway international menu. Unlike the previous times, they have included international offers like tuna, meatballs, grilled chilled, butter chicken, etc.

When dining out or ordering from Subway, here are some menus you must try.

Which Subway World Menu Items Not To Miss?

Here are some of the best offerings from Subway world menu that you must try at least once.

· Japan: Sausage With Barbecue Sauce

If you want to learn what a Subway hotdog might look like, then Japan’s sausage with barbecue sauce is a must-try. When Subway released this item, the sub meant a sausage inside a bun. Add toppings and veggies of your choice to make it one of the most relishing sandwiches ever.

· Brazil’s Smoked Chicken Salad And Cream Cheese

In Brazil Subway stores, the most popular item has to be smoked chicken salad with cream cheese. Cream cheese is the most delicious replacement for typical mayonnaise, yogurt, or even sour cream to make it even tastier.

· India: Potato And Herbs

India, the land of herbs and spices, offers the most versatile Subway international menu you will love. One of their favorite vegetarian items is the aloo patty Subway menu featuring mashed potatoes with spice seasonings.

· Saudi Arabia: Halloumi

Halloumi refers to Cyprus-sourced cheese which you can also get in Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Greece. The cheese is ideal for frying and grilling because of its high melting point. The cheese is also made from sheep milk, which makes it taste a little buttery, unlike the tangy-tasting goat milk.

· Austtriali: Schnitzel And Slaw

The Schnitzel and Slaw sandwich from Australia features a cabbage slaw served with seasoned fried pork. Sandwich lovers quit adding vegetable topping, as it might take away from the original flavoring.

· Poland’s Fiesta Mexicana

While Fiesta Mexicana might remind you of Spain and Mexico, this item dish belongs to Poland. What makes it the most flavorful meal is the addition of various ingredients like cheese, peppers, onions, black beans, corn, grilled chicken, etc.

Subway’s international menu options are always versatile and unique. All the items mentioned here are known for their taste. Each of the Subway menu options mentioned is worth your try.

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