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Understanding the Ways to Use Anavar for Cutting Cycle

Bodybuilders often have their confusions about steroids. After all, there are so many debates about the use of such substances and compounds. However, most professional bodybuilders use steroids at some point of time, mainly to enhance and accelerate their results. If you are looking for a steroid in the cutting cycle, Oxandrolone can be an apt choice. Also known to the world by its brand name Anavar, it is an oral steroid, which offers an incredible firming effect. Check some of the fast facts about Anavar below.


The basics

Let’s start with the basics first. Firstly, Anavar-50 is an expensive steroid, and since it doesn’t lead to water retention, it is mostly used in the cutting phase. Oxandrolone is extremely mild, but it will also impact your liver, given that it is taken orally. However, most of the other side effects, which are related to anabolic steroids, can be minimized with the right dose. Oxandrolone was initially developed for use in women and children, which is why it is considered to be safe by many. It doesn’t also cause the virilization symptoms – something that concerns female athletes.

Dosage and other things

If you are into power lifting, you can use Oxandrolone for gaining strength. Typically, most women start with a small dose, not exceeding beyond 15 mg per day. Bodybuilders usually prefer stacking Oxandrolone with other steroids. For a harder muscled look, you can stack this compound with Holotestin at 20 mg. It is also great for maintaining lean muscles and can be used with Clenbuterol at 120 mg per day for the purpose. Do note that Oxandrolone isn’t recommended for muscle growth in general, which is why most women looking for lean muscle mass opt for this steroid. However, when stacked with other products and steroids, it can improve the results.

For those who want to develop more muscle mass with Oxandrolone, they can try using it with other known steroids like Deca Durabolin and Testerone along with Dianabol. The quality of the steroid also matters in getting the right effect, so make sure that you check and buy from the right online store. As a bodybuilder, you also need to take the short and long-term effects of steroids before considering a stack. Take some time to educate yourself about the powers of steroids and how you can reduce the side effects and related concerns. Don’t mind paying more, if you are assured of getting genuine Oxandrolone.

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