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Understanding Key Aspects of Negligence Claim in Car Accident

Negligence forms a basis for different types of auto accident lawsuits. If you are involved in an auto accident that has been caused due to someone else’s carelessness then you need to establish this fact with proper evidence. To effectively prove negligence, you need to know its meaning and the elements involved in making a negligence claim.

What Is Negligence?

If a person has been negligent, it implies that he/she has behaved in an ignorant, careless and thoughtless manner. This irresponsible act caused injury or harm to another person. If you are looking for specialized attorneys to handle car accident lawsuits then Detroit can be the best place. Detroit car accident lawyer settle legal disputes on behalf of their client in an assertive way.

Signs of negligence

There are some signs that would clearly tell the negligence of a person. A negligent person does actions or tasks that he should not have done as it can be the cause of severe injuries to another person. Some of these signs are running a red light, increasing the speed in a low speed zone, failing to yield, not stopping for a pedestrian, not switching on lights at the time of night driving.

Elements of a Negligence Claim

The person who calls for a lawsuit is referred to as the plaintiff.  The person who has been sued by him is called as the defendant. A plaintiff must prove that the defendant was negligent in his act. If you are a plaintiff, then you need to show following things in the court:

  • The defendant wasn’t careful
  • The plaintiff was injured or suffered losses

Other things you need to do to show negligence of the other driver can be the injuries afflicted by the plaintiff or the financial losses incurred to him. This is because you may need to prove it at any time in the court.


It may be very hard to prove your innocence in the court all by yourself. At such crucial times, assistance of a car accident lawyer can definitely help in establishing negligence and get the justice.

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