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Ultimate Protection: How Does Bulletproof Clothing Work?

Bulletproof clothing has been around since the early twentieth century, when an American scientist created a ballistic-resistant fabric that could protect against gunshots. Since then, many advances have made stronger and lighter armor, which is in high demand today.

Protection not only comes from fabric, but also there are metal inserts or plates placed inside of vests to stop bullets in their tracks. With the right precautions, wearing bulletproof clothing can save a life because of the security it brings in dangerous situations. Continue reading to learn more about it.

What Is Bulletproof Clothing Made Of?

The main fabric used for design is Kevlar. It’s a lightweight and breathable material made from poly-paraphenylene terephthalamide. This fabric has a lot of good qualities.

 It’s resistant to chemicals, fire, and heat, and lasts for years without losing strength. Plus, it can stop bullets because the material itself is strong enough to prevent penetration by sharp projectile objects like broken glass or metal shrapnel. Kevlar vests are most often worn over the torso, which protects the vital organs.

The Efficiency of Bulletproof Clothing Material

The quality of the clothing is measured by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) in two ways: backface deformation and blunt impact, the latter being the most important to stop penetration of bullets.

The level of protection is rated with a number called “BV” or ballistics rating, which measures how much energy transfers to the body upon impact. A rating of “I” means that there was no penetration, but the fabric has been cut. Ratings above “IV” are usually used for military armor.

How to Wear a Bulletproof Jacket

The best way to use bulletproof clothing is by stopping a bullet before it can do any damage to the body. The clothing is designed to provide adequate protection without being too heavy on the body.

It can be worn under regular clothes, so it isn’t noticeable if the person doesn’t want to wear it. However, even with all of these benefits, bulletproof clothing does have some disadvantages that usually prevent its use on a large scale.

The Downsides of  Bulletproof Cloth

One problem with the armor is that it doesn’t work against high-powered rifles. Also, metallic plates must cover certain areas of the body, depending on the parts that require protection. This increases the weight of the clothing.

The most recent technology has created better protection without added weight or bulkiness. One example is nanotechnology, which involves developing materials at the atomic scale. The technology allows nanometer-sized fibers to produce that are lighter and stronger than conventional Kevlar fabric.

Also, instead of using metal plates to stop bullets, the material gets stronger with ceramic or composite materials that are capable of absorbing high impacts without penetration.

If you’re in the market for bulletproof clothing, check out bac-tactical.com.

Take Advantage of Bulletproof Clothing

Bulletproof clothing is becoming more and more popular, and for good reason. It provides peace of mind in dangerous situations. Plus, it can help you stay safe while hunting or hiking!

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