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Types Of Storage Spaces

Plenty of spaces are available to temporarily store personal or business belongings. It is the best way to keep things safe and organized. Self storage Bangkok has a whole range of units starting from 1 to 18 Square meters. Personalized pin code which allows 24 hours access is provided. Computer surveillance is also provided. At times free van pick-up services are also supplied. Renter control is provided to access your belongings.

For storing small stuff, locker types with 1.3 square meters of space, 115 meters in length, and 1.3 meters in height are used. For storing small furniture, XS type of locker with 0.25 square meters space, 1.5 meters in width, 1.5 meters in length, and 2.6 meters in height is used.

For storing electronic appliances S type of locker with 3 Square meters in width, 2 meters in length, and 2.6 meters in height is used. For storing personal belongings, M type of locker with 4.5 square meters space, 1.5 meters in width, 3 meters in length, and 5.6 meters in height is used.

For storing large furniture, L type of locker with 2 meters in width, 3 meters in length, and 2.6 meters in height are used. Similarly for storing extra large furniture, XL type of locker with nine parameters space, 3 meters in length, 3 meters in width, and 2.6 meters in height is used. A 10 by 10 unit with an eight-foot ceiling, an entire family room can be clutched and in a 5 by 10 unit few chairs, queen-size bed, and desk can be clutched.

Standard Storage Unit

Business storage is used to store heavy equipment files, large quantities of inventory, and documents. They are stored in a temperature-controlled storage environment.

Documents are scanned digitally and stored in binders. Airtight packages are used to prevent water damage. An Indoor climate-controlled storage unit is used to store the accessories to prevent damage to products.

Security access to individual floors is provided at i-store storage to help you feel comfortable. Customer service is super helpful and great. It is in a convenient location with a good price and wonderful system. The Facilities available are impressive.

They bring back the stored items whenever you need them. Non-temperature options can be tried if you need a simple-cost effective solution for household and business storage. To store the items, inventory of the items is taken after cleaning the belongings, planning supplies are stocked up, plastic containers are used and at last, all the boxes are labeled.

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