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Translate vs Interpret: What Are the Differences?

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There’s no doubt that the digital age has brought about a global economy. It makes good sense for most industries to expand to meet the global market.

However, there is one thing that can make your business fail in its international expansion: the language barrier. If you can’t communicate with your international clients, partners, and customers, you can’t do business with them.

The good news is that there are services you can take advantage of to make this transition smoother. First, you’ll need to know when to hire someone to translate vs interpret for your business.

Ready to learn the difference? Keep reading to find out.

What Is Translation?

Translation is the process of converting written or pre-recorded language into another language. Translators do often use digital tools to translate from one language to another, but that doesn’t mean that non-native language speakers should trust the reliability of these digital tools. These digital tools will often create gaps in the text or recording or use direct translations that lose meaning and context, whereas a translator can use their knowledge of both languages to ensure a smoother conversion that makes as much sense as possible.

When to Use Translation Services

Any written or recorded materials you intend to bring to a national audience may require translation. This can include product packaging, user manuals, and even blog posts. Gaming translation services and video translation services are also growing in importance as these industries grow.

What Is Interpretation?

Interpretation is the process of converting spoken language into another language. Unlike translation, interpretation tends to happen in the moment.

It often makes sense to provide an interpreter with a transcript of what you intend to say ahead of time. This allows them to account for any areas where a direct translation wouldn’t do the trick. That said, a skilled interpreter is good on their feet and can provide their services without a preview of what you intend to say.

When to Use Interpretation Services

If you are addressing an international audience, you’ll want an interpreter by your side. This includes giving speeches and attending meetings. It also includes broadcasting live videos on the internet.

If you’re making an international business trip, hire an interpreter. This will make communication easy. It will also help you to navigate another culture with grace.

Translate vs Interpret: Know Which Services are Right for You

Now that we’re living in a global economy, it’s time to address the language barriers you may face. With this guide, you can understand when to translate vs interpret and whose skills you’ll require. Remember, it’s best to work with a professional in both circumstances, rather than rely on digital tools, alone.

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