Top Tips for a Smoke-Free Lifestyle

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Smoking is a common addiction across the globe; however, the negative health impacts are causing people to reassess and work towards a smoke-free existence. Whether they make the switch from tobacco to eliquids or simply go cold turkey, smoking is becoming less and less fashionable and smokers everywhere are looking to make a change. Despite this, nicotine is addictive, making quitting smoking one of the hardest things to achieve. As a result, those who are looking to quit smoking find themselves on the hunt for top tips for a smoke-free lifestyle, as detailed below.

Avoid Alcohol and Bars

Firstly, alcohol is a trigger for many people, and if this is the case for you, you should avoid these environments. Some people claim to enjoy drinking more when they’re smoking and vice versa, meaning that as little as one drink could throw a spanner in the works for your quitting journey. Similarly, bars are often full of smokers, reminding you that you want to smoke and triggering a craving. Thankfully, smoking is prohibited indoors in public establishments, so you won’t be surrounded by clouds of smoke inside. Therefore, if you are going to a bar to socialize, steer clear of the outdoor smoking area.

Don’t View Smoking as a Cure

When quitting smoking, you’ll experience withdrawal symptoms that are unavoidable, meaning you can’t be viewing smoking as a cure for these. For instance, some people will claim that they’re so moody without cigarettes, meaning they’re better off smoking. Despite this, you need to bear in mind that your body is dependent on nicotine, and it’s going to have adverse reactions to its absence. These reactions are only temporary, and you need to push through them before you’re able to kick your nicotine habit for good. In fact, quitting smoking will be one of the best things you ever do for yourself.

Don’t Test Yourself

When you’re working to quit smoking, you don’t need tests, as these tests are likely to lead to failure. Don’t tempt yourself with one cigarette to test whether you’re still addicted, as that one cigarette is likely to lead to another, and so on. You don’t need to prove to yourself that you’re successfully quitting through temptations; every day you don’t smoke, you’re making positive steps towards giving up cigarettes for good. In fact, even a “test” cigarette is  a step in the wrong direction, as it will reverse all the progress your body has made in repairing itself in the absence of cigarettes.

Don’t Doubt Yourself

Most people believe that they simply can’t quit, especially if they’re stressed or tired. This negative mindset is far from helpful when you’re trying to make progress in your quitting journey. Before you can actually be successful, you need to believe in your future success. If you go in with the mindset that you’re not going to succeed, you’ll soon lose sight of your overall mission and ultimately give up before you’ve even started.

Don’t View Smoking as a Solution

We all go through hard times, and some of us handle these hard times with a cigarette. If you’re trying to quit, you’ll need to find a new method of dealing with your stress and not see smoking as the only solution. This is especially true when considering you’ll ultimately feel worse and not better for smoking. Not only will you feel disappointed about breaking your smoke-free streak, but smoking leads to elevated feelings of anxiety. All in all, nothing good can come from lighting up again and smoking your troubles away; a healthier coping mechanism is required.

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