Top De-Stress Spa Massage You Can Get From New York Spa

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The body releases cortisol when – a hormone that elevates stress in the body. These hormones make your heart beat fast. Sometimes the body also reacts dangerously. Stress can raise blood pressure and result in less sleep at night. If you want to control your stress level in the body, you can use the following spa massages from the best New York Spa. Let’s know about them.


Reflexology is often known as zone therapy. Here the spa massage is done by applying pressure on the feet, hand, and ear. It mainly stimulates the peripheral nerves. In return, it sends a signal to the body to adjust the tension level. Reflexology is one of the best spa massages that brings calmness to the human nervous system. If you are suffering from severe pain, then this spa massage can be ideal for you.

Hot Stone Massage 

Hot Stone Massage is an excellent massage for you if you want to de-stress your body. The massage is mainly similar to the Swedish massage. Only the therapist here uses heated stones for applying excellent techniques. The massage eliminates muscle tension and results in improved blood flow. During the process, the therapist of New York Spa holds heated stones on different parts of your body and applies gentle pressure on the body. Usually, the massage lasts for 90 minutes.

Aromatherapy Massage 

Aromatherapy is one of the most common spa treatments that people take. The aromatherapy massage contains highly concentrated plant oil and lotion. During the massage, you will inhale essential oil molecules and make them absorbed in the body. The aromatherapy massage affects the limbic system that is involved with emotion. These essential oils have different properties. The therapist uses a blend of selecting your health concern that you want to relieve from.

Balinese Massage

The Balinese Massage not only relaxes stress from the body. But the massage is great for alleviating your body. The main ingredients of Balinese massage are frangipani essential oil which has a lot of mood-boosting properties. The session of Balinese massage session is not more than 1 hour. The therapist uses long and gentle strokes to de-stress your body and eliminate pain from the body.

These are different spa massages that you can take to distress your body. There are other spa treatments available for various problems in the body. You can choose from them as per your concern. To get a relaxing New York Spa massage every time, you can book an appointment with us.


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