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Top Commercial Landscape Maintenance Tips

In the United States, the landscaping industry is worth $114 billion.

This should be a sign to you that many people prioritize commercial landscape maintenance, and you should too!

But what are some things you should always be doing? Keep reading to find out what commercial landscaping maintenance you should be doing.

Create a Watering Schedule

You should always water smartly and efficiently. If you have a good irrigation system, you can save thousands of water each year, which will also save you money.

This will also reduce your footprint, and people will appreciate your business and respect you for it.

You should also make sure that you have the right irrigation system in place. Once you have it installed, make sure that you inspect it on a regular basis so that you know it’s working properly.

When you do run the sprinklers a few times, make sure that every section of the landscape is getting watered. You should also make sure that it doesn’t spray into the road and get other cars or people get hit by a misdirected sprinkler.

This might seem like a small inconvenience, but it could really annoy employees or customers enough to where they don’t want to visit your office.

Once you’ve fixed your sprinklers, make sure that you’re creating a schedule to water your grass. You’ll have to consider the soil composition, how often you water, and if you have any slopes.

You may want to consult a company to help you come up with a good schedule.

Do Sidewalk Maintenance

You should make sure that the walkways around your business have a clear path and are safe.

You should always remove any broken tree branches, debris, or broken sidewalk pieces that could trip people up.

If a pedestrian gets injured on your property because of a damaged or bad walkway, you could open yourself up to litigation and cost your management more money.

If you hire a professional landscaping company, they should do routine checks of the walkways to ensure they’re safe.

Add Decorative Features

You should also add some decoration to your landscaping. You might want to add fountains or statues. Sculptures can add some esteem to your business as well.

Hardscapes also gives you security as well.

If you want to install decorative features, you should check out landscaping companies, like Franzwitte.com.

Choose Plants

To make your landscaping stand out, you should include some plants and colors.

A lot of people will just use common flowers, but you don’t want to have to dig them up and replant them every spring.

Instead, you should plant perennials. These don’t need a lot of maintenance, and they can take care of themselves after you plant them. However, you will have to water them steadily.

Perennials are also very cheap and easy to plant. You can plant a lot of them without having to spend too much money on landscaping for your business.

If you want to take it a step further, you can plant the flowers in a way that spells out your company’s name or displays your logo.

This can help include brand awareness by using the right colors as well.

Fix Damages

While fixing damages to your sidewalks are important, you should also make sure that you maintain all of your equipment.

This is especially important if you’re doing the maintenance yourself. You should always check your equipment at least once a year.

Doing this will help you save money on unexpected costs, and it could avoid damaging your landscaping and costing you more money down the road.

Mow the Lawn

While this might seem like an easy tip, many people still forget to do it. However, if you can properly maintain your lawn, you’ll be able to have your green grass for years.

You may need to overseed the grass every now and then just because of random dead patches. But you don’t have to rip everything up.

You can just put the seed over your already existing grass. You should do this in either the spring or the fall, depending on what the climate is in your area.

After you overseed, you should also mow often. This will give you a professional look and give your customers and employees a good first impression when they come to your business.

If you aren’t sure what schedule you should follow to cut your lawn, you should cut it when the leaves are more than two inches high.

Stand Out

You should try and find some landscaping that will stand out. This will help draw people into your business and be curious about your building.

The aesthetics are what will make you stand out amidst all the other commercial landscaping. You can do this by adding color and different flowers.

You can also remove all the weeds and any old mulch that is losing its color. You may even want to add white rocks to the landscaping to give it a fresh and minimalist look.

You should also water and fertilize all the plants so that they don’t die and you will have a colorful landscape all year.

Discover More Commercial Landscape Maintenance Tips

These are only a few of the different commercial landscape maintenance tips, but there are many more to consider.

Did you find this article helpful and informative? If so, we have even more for you!

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