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Top 7 Things Colleges Look For in a High School Resume

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Did you know most Americans find the college application process stressful and complicated? Composing an excellent college application and resume will improve your chances.

If you want to create a high school resume for college applications, keep reading.

This guide will teach you how to stand out during college applications. Start gathering pertinent information now.

Check out the tips below.

1. Community Service

Community service or volunteer work will show where your interests lie. People tend to grow and develop as an individual when they help others.

Make sure you pursue causes you believe in and include them in your application.

2. Qualifications Section

You’ll need to set aside a section where you will create your resume goal. Outline your goals and why you want to attend college. This will reveal who you are, your intention, and the relevant skills that make you unique.

3. Educational Background

List the schools you have attended or currently attend. You should list out pertinent details relating to your educational background. You should include the town, expected graduation date, and the name of the high school.

Are you taking advanced classes? Make sure to list those classes here. In this section, list any honors you received and your current GPA.

If you want to work in research, try to find appropriate experience. Learn more here about different opportunities.

4. Don’t Forget About Work Experience

In this section, spend some detailing any work experience you have. Include any work internships you have completed, as well. You might be able to list a regular babysitting job or summer camp counselor position.

Choose the most relevant and recent experiences. You should include the city, title, location of the workplace, and the dates you worked there. Outline the job tasks involved.

5. What About Awards?

Create an awards section. The honor roll, winning a writing competition or placing in a local charity. If you have won some awards from high school, make sure you list them in your resume.

6. Skills Section

A skill section will include details outlining your hard and soft skills. Excellent listener, fast typist, able to use computer software, or clear communication skills.

These skills help reveal more about your personality.

7. Don’t Forget Hobbies or Activities

List your hobbies or activities you participated in and your position title. If you read, write, or some sports team, you should include it here.

In your activity section, list your participation in clubs, sports, or other organizations.

Prepare Your High School Resume

Creating a standout high school resume doesn’t have to be stressful.

Gather information about your high school, educational achievements, and skills. It would help if you also listed why you’re applying to that particular college in your goal statement.

You could always bring your resume to a close friend or relative to read.

Need more career or college tips? Stick around on the blog and browse for more details.

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