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Top 5 Tips on Starting Challenge Coin Collections for Beginners

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Challenge coins have a long and storied history of being worth a lot of money, with some reaching up to $500. This has caused a lot of people to debate seeking them out for themselves. Are you one of the people in the world starting challenge coin collections, and do you want to know how best to go about that?

We have written a few tips for someone like you who might want to start their own challenge coin collection. By reading this, you might have a leg up over other collectors and enjoy the whole process a lot more. So, read up and begin your journey.

1. Do Not Invest Much Money to Start With

When people get into a new hobby, they are likely to spend a bit too much to start with. For this reason, try to set a coin collection budget.

You might be disappointed that you cannot buy every coin, but it is better than getting your wallet in trouble.

2. Learn How to Care For Your Collection

By looking up the best way to clean your collection, you can avoid making a costly mistake and causing corrosion on some of your best pieces. Challenge coin care may even be different depending on what the coin is made of, so do your research. Some coins include resins or paints that you might affect when you clean them with certain chemicals.

3. Join a Coin Collecting Community

It is always fun when you are not the only person doing something. By joining a coin collecting community you can find others who can share their expertise with you. You can also show off your collection and talk to others about the stories you have with each coin.

Other community members can also give you tips on storage and care for your coins. They might know of products, such as coin wallets or cases, that you did not even know existed.

4. Decide Which Coins You Want to Keep Forever

While it is fun to imagine that you will keep every coin forever, that is not always possible. For many different reasons, you might need to get rid of a coin or two over your life. This might be for money reasons, or you might find duplicates and not want to have more than one of the same coin.

Whatever the reason is, work out which coins are your most important ones. That way you will not be as disappointed if you have to trim a few out of your collection.

5. Find Respectable Dealers

It is important to build a rapport with people you buy coins from (or sell them to). This way, you might be able to get a good deal off of them or get tips on when new coins are going to start appearing before others know.

They can also look into finding cheap coin-buying websites. Especially ones that have a good reputation, such as

More on Starting Challenge Coin Collections

Now you know a lot more about starting challenge coin collections, you can start to plan your coin collection strategy. We hope that you enjoy the process, but if you still want some more advice, our website has a lot of information on various hobbies. So, check our articles to learn more.

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