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Top 5 Techniques to Learn Maths

Techniques to Learn Maths

Maths is a lifelong subject which we have been learning since our childhood. Maths has taught us to find calculations based on numbers, figures, patterns, series and sequences. Whether it’s a matter of doing simple calculations like addition, subtraction, multiplication etc or we need to find the area of square or circle, Maths principles are applied everywhere. Learning Maths requires logic and sometimes techniques. Although, if the concept of Maths principles is understood, it is very easy to solve the problems based on them. But still, to have a good practice, students can use these top 5 techniques to become an expert in Maths subject.

     1. Practice as much as you can

Practice makes a Man Perfect, you must have heard this phrase. If you keep practicing more Maths problems based on any concept or principles, you will become an expert, undoubtedly. Try to solve sample papers and previous papers also, to get good practice for your exams.

     2. Connect with the real world

Maths have huge connectivity with the real world. Try to connect the principle you have learned in Maths with the actual world scenarios and their applications. It will help you to learn faster with an increase in your thinking capability.

     3. Teach and Learn

Teaching is a very good practice, as it not only helps others but also to yourself become a knowledgeable person. Best examples are our school teachers, who teach each and every concept in such an easy way as if they have learned them by heart.

     4. Never Memorize

The basics and principles of Maths are to be understood and not memorized. If you try to memorize or by heart the problems with solution, without understanding it, then it could lead you to make mistakes while solving other maths problems.

     5. Keep and Maintain a Maths Notebook

Try to write your own Maths notebook including Maths formulas, identities, theorems, tables, etc. which you have already learned and which will be helpful for future references. There are a lot of common formulas which will be repeated for multiple classes and could be included in your notebook, such as mensuration (eg. area of cylinder), trigonometry (sine, cos, tan functions), algebraic equations etc.

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