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Top 5 Most Valuable Home Improvements to Consider in 2022

Are we heading for another property bubble burst? The signs seem ominous, with one of the leading investors sounding the alarm.

But don’t panic. There is plenty you can do to protect the value of your home, whether or not you intend to sell it.

Home improvements are a sensible strategy for increasing your house value. Still, you need to know which investments will bring the greatest return to get it right. We’ll take you through the top 5 home improvements for 2022.

1. Garden Patio

Landscaping a garden is one way to increase the value of your home. But adding shrubs and trees does take a generous budget. Instead, you can focus on making your backyard more liveable by adding a patio or decking area.

Make this space look beautiful with some modern wooden furnishings and plenty of colorful plant pots. It will be practical and stylish and help increase the value of your home.

2. Kitchen Remodels

Buyers want to see an impressive kitchen when they explore your home. That means it needs to feel modern in appearance and have plenty of working appliances and space.

A tired kitchen is a good candidate for a complete remodel. But if you are on a tight budget, you can achieve a makeover by replacing the kitchen worktops and cupboards for a fraction of the price.

Don’t forget about the kitchen floors too. Broken tiles or dirty laminate flooring needs replacing if you want to increase the property value.

3. Add a Guest Room

Do you have unloved and unused space in the basement or loft? Why not renovate this into an additional bedroom.

Adding an ensuite bathroom will also give this space the feel of a beautiful and formal guest room, appealing to buyers. These renovations aren’t cheap, but the extra room adds value to your home.

4. Boost Your Environmental Credentials

With energy costs rising, an energy-efficient home will be an attractive prospect for buyers. Plus, you’ll be doing your bit fighting against global warming.

Replace old windows, add more insulation layers, and invest in a modern boiler. You could even install modern solar panels on your home’s roof to give you direct access to a renewable energy source!

5. Bathroom Revamp

The best thing about bathroom renovations is that you don’t have to start from scratch, and the result will still look impressive.

If you have an old bathroom suite, maybe it’s time to replace it. But if you have a modern, white bathroom, you can spend your money on floor and wall tiling instead.

Investing in a state-of-the-art shower is also a fantastic investment and something home buyers will love.

Home Improvements to Add Value

The trick to making financially-wise home improvements is to choose the home improvement projects that will add value instead of those you might find personally appealing. Do that, and you’ll help protect your property from any marketing fluctuations.

For more home improvement tips, head to our home decor section for interior design inspiration.

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