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Top 5 most common jewelry repairs | Rasmussen & Co Fine Jewelers

You or someone you love may have broken a precious piece of jewelry. Maybe the bracelet clasp broke off, or the ring slipped off your finger and fell down the drain? These are obviously very common problems that many people face throughout their lives. There are some things that can be done to prevent this by simply using clasps or other adornments that are more secure. In the event that you have already broken a piece of jewelry, though, these 5 common repairs can mean all the difference to someone who loves you and wants to help you get your treasured item back on your finger or wrist.

  1. Ring sizing – If a ring falls off your finger or becomes too tight, then getting it sized correctly can be a very simple process. Depending on the type of ring you have and its construction, there are several ways to enlarge or reduce its size. Don’t let a ring that is too big slip right off your finger and break by using some safe adhesives which will cause no damage.
  2. Stone replacement – Lots of jewelry is adorned with a jewel of some kind, whether it be a diamond on a ring or earrings, or just a stone that is part of the design on another piece. If this stone falls out and you have no other means to put it back in there are some safe adhesives that can be used to put the stone back in its place. You can also replace a multi-stone piece with stones that you already own to save money instead of buying another whole new piece.
  3. Clasp replacement – If the clasp breaks off the bracelet or necklace it is often possible to find a matching one online and purchase it so that you can replace your broken one. This is actually much cheaper than buying an entirely new piece of jewelry, and the clasp will be much sturdier this time around too!
  4. Prong replacement – If you have a ring that is missing stones or that has lost its prongs then it may need to be repaired or replaced depending on how badly it is damaged. Sometimes it is best just to replace the ring as the cost of repairing it may be more than buying a new one.
  5. Cleaning and polishing – If you have some jewelry that is dirty or just looks dull then it can actually be cleaned fairly easily with some water and common dish soap, or you can go to a professional jeweler and have it cleaned for you. This can be an affordable way to make your jewelry look like new again without having to replace it.

So, if you need any help with jewelry repairs then these 5 common fixes can help you find a solution that works for you. With most of these issues, online manuals are available so that even beginners can attempt to fix their jewelry themselves. But if you’re too afraid to do the repair on your own, try looking for jewelry repair service in Spanish Fork. Make sure you have made all the research and talked to an expert before having your jewelry fixed.

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