Reigniting Your Sex Life

Top 4 Proven Ways of Reigniting Your Sex Life

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For some, sex is the most intimate element of a happy relationship and for others, it is merely a sporadic, optional extra.

If you are most definitely a member of the former group of people and you and your other half are not currently enjoying a high level of physical intimacy on a regular basis, then it is time to take action. With this in mind, here are four proven ways of reigniting your sex life.

1.    Take Yoga Classes Together

You may well be thinking that, with busy lives and a myriad of professional and personal roles and responsibilities, neither you or your partner are looking to introduce a new commitment into your schedule for the week.

However, if you are serious and are both dedicated to improving your levels and enjoyment of physical intimacy together, then taking a couple’s yoga class for just a couple of hours a week can make a huge difference. Not only will the practice of mindfulness present in yoga serve to organize your thoughts and remind you how to let go of your inhibitions, but yoga is the best way of ensuring your body stays flexible and supple.

2.    Book Onto an Acupuncture Class

Believe it or not, another ancient practice which can make a hugely positive difference to a couple’s sex life is that of acupuncture, which is essentially the practice of placing needles in strategic places on the body.

Not only does acupuncture have a close association with the increase of a person’s libido, it can also serve to benefit you in other ways, such as those mentioned below:

  • An enhanced level of emotional and mental clarity
  • Clearer and more focused eyesight
  • Longer periods of deep sleep
  • Higher levels of energy and concentration
  • Substantial proof of boosting your immune system
  • Minimizing the pain and discomfort from digestive issues
  • A reduction in the aches and pains of joint and back issues

3.    Invest in a New Concept Together

Naturally, a healthy and mutually beneficial sex life can only be achieved when you and your partner are both on the same proverbial page and one way to bring you both together in this way is to look into new ways of “spicing it up!”

Check out stores such as My Amazing Fantasy in Weymouth, who supply an endless range of performance-enhancing herbal supplements, toys, and other items you can consider bringing into the bedroom to reignite the passion and improve your physical levels of intimacy.

4.    Get More Sleep

Even though, upon first read, going to bed to sleep does not seem to be conducive to improving your sex life, in actual fact, going to bed earlier and together, can bring you both closer emotionally, which will undeniably help to bring you closer physically, too.

Additionally, the simple fact that you and your partner are well rested and have given your bodies the time and space to sleep and recharge will also serve to improve the duration and intensity of your physical intimacy.

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