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Tips To Select Food Containers

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We already know the value of containers. Don’t we? These days the value for containers has increased. Mainly after the pandemic, people have started storing food for some time after buying and then the food consumed. So, the demand for containers and food box (กล่องอาหาร, which is the term in Thai) has increased. So, here are a few tips to know before selecting food containers.


Why do you use containers? To store food for longer durations, Right? That’s the first tip. You need to choose a container that can keep your food safe and fresh for longer periods.


Different types of food containers are available in the market. Materials like glass, plastic, metal, and many others are used in the production of food containers. Every material has its advantages and disadvantages. Check materials that can keep food fresh if stored for longer durations. Compare all materials and then choose the best food box.

Our Suggestion:

  • If you are planning to buy something at a lower price, then you can choose plastic as your option. And not all plastics are harmful. Bio plastics are eco-friendly so containers made with them can be used.
  • If you are planning to buy with some high budget then you can choose containers made with glass and stainless steel.

Microwave Containers        

Even and after the pandemic, people prefer hot food. The food at high temperatures kills viruses. You use a microwave to heat food. So, choose containers that are heat resistant and microwaveable. Few containers aren’t made for high temperatures. Using these types of containers to microwave isn’t good for food. So, select food containers that are microwaveable and keep food fresh.


We’ve received a place with useful resources and we need to give the same to our future generations. The only way to preserve resources and the environment is by recycling. The same can be applied to the food containers too. Recyclable food containers are not only good for you but are also good for the environment. So, choose containers or materials that are recyclable.

  1. Physical Features
  2. Easy To Open With Hands
  3. Washable
  4. Lid With Silicone Gasket

These are the physical features that a food container needs to have. Often containers are easy to open but there are a few types of containers that get stuck when hot food is placed in them. So, easy to open containers are suggested. For plastic containers choose the ones with a silicone gasket lid. They are easy to wash.

So, these are the most important and common aspects that you need to know before buying food containers.

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