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Tips To Optimize Content Marketing In 2018

Content marketing is not easy as you think, marketers are pulling all the strings to enhance their content marketing. Over the years, google has completely transformed the way content was. Now, it becomes tough to get the higher ranking on search engines.

It’s not just google who changed its way of seeing content. The marketers also inserted too much effort in building powerful content strategy for their respective businesses in past few years.

There are certain ways through which we have optimized our content in past but as i mentioned above, this era is going to be different. Not just in context to search engines but users perspective also matters equally.

In order to match the level of content marketing in 2018, have a look at 4 effective tips which will help you to develop better optimize content in coming year :-

Being interactive is the future

Audience are looking forward towards the content which can able to interact with audience and make it engaging. Earlier, some marketers used to post too much text based content on a web which was more or less like a theory to users.

Now, the generation has changed and trend moved forward towards engaging and interactive content. In coming year, you need to focus on making content more of a conversational rather than writing a long paragraph full of information.

Use the dialogue technique add survey, polls, quiz . Ask questions try to talk with them through your blog. This will meet both the purposes as you will get to know about their personality at the same time it will make your content attractive to the audience.

Add videos

If you’re still not using video for your content then trust me you are not seeing the loss that is happening to your business as each day passing by. According to the study, in united states almost 85{0769f9e165250301569ce67f54c3b81bedf5c586a0e9647f6b8ae1e655ecebb0} marketers using video with the content. To make your content more effective and engaging you need to start working on this thing in 2018. There are predictions that this number will go higher with huge margin next year.

Here are some tips to get started with video production :-

  • Start with making explainer videos, explain the audience about your business such as what you do, what product or service you provide etc.
  • Share your story through video, what is the motive of your company, share your goals with public. Express your aspiration, share your vision.

Make it original

in past several years, we have experienced that original content on a web is king of the market. As per the news to believe. In 2018 google, apple and facebook planning to invest big in content marketing. Only a well written and original content can pull the audience towards itself.

Write the content as original as you can. This type of content can transform your target audience into your subscriber and then develop them into an prospective customers or buyers of your product.

Stand apart headline & call to action

It is the basics of content writing not just for digital marketing but for every other platform. Headline is the key which lead the audience towards the content and make them click on the link or a post. Try to be unique as much as you can with the headline, t make it crispy and precise. But notice, don’t mislead the audience with false statement it can harm your company image badly.

At the end, don’t forget to add call to action in final as it is the only source which lead the audience and navigate them to the solution of their problem.

All these points will be worthless if you will not start making your content marketing strategy accurately. You need to decide what goals you want to accomplish through one particular content or blog. Work upon these carefully as this points are going to give lot to your business in 2018 if they are allocated well.

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