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Tips to Make Picking up Leaves Easier

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Do you have a yard covered in leaves but dread the idea of hauling them all to the curb? If so, you need to learn all about picking up leaves.

Not only can this prevent a lot of extra strain on your body and back, but it can also save you time. Instead of hauling those leaves to the curb and getting dirty in the process, you can skip this and use a leaf vacuum.

See below for a guide on how to pick up leaves and all the tips you need to know.

Rake Smart

This means being strategic about when and where you rake. For example, raking leaves in your way, and rake areas are most likely to accumulate leaves. This will make the rest of the leaf-picking process easier and faster.

Additionally, be sure to rake in the same direction as the wind is blowing. This will help ensure that leaves are not blown back onto the ground after you’ve already raked them.

Invest in Good Tools

Unless you want to spend your entire autumn weekend picking up leaves, you’re going to need to invest in some good tools.

A quality leaf blower will help you move leaves from the driveway to the yard with ease. A rake will come in handy for gathering leaves that have already fallen.

And a leaf bagger attachment for your lawn mower will make short work of collecting leaves as you mow the lawn.

Moving leaves around after you have already collected them is much more difficult. Finally, once you have collected all the leaves, don’t forget to give your lawn a good raking to remove any that may have been missed.

When winter comes, it is important to clean your background. If you consider removing snow or fall lawn care, you may need the help of residential snow removal.

Create a Leaf Picking Schedule

Having a specific day or days of the week set aside for leaf picking will make you less likely to procrastinate. Make sure to schedule some time for raking, too. You can skip the raking altogether if your leaves are already in bags.

Grab a leaf bag and start picking up leaves. Move around your yard, so you don’t miss any leaves. Once you’ve filled your leaf bag, tie it off and move it to the curb.

If you have a lot of trees, you may need to block off more time. But, by following a schedule, you’ll be able to keep your yard looking tidy with less effort.

Use a Leaf Blower

In the fall, leaves come tumbling down from the trees and land on your lawn. Instead of breaking out the rake, use a leaf blower to gather them up. These tips will make picking up leaves easier and faster so you can go back to enjoying the cooler weather.

Start by raking the leaves into a pile to make leaf blowing easier. Then, please turn on your leaf blower and hold it at an angle, so the leaves are blown into a corner or against a fence. Work your way around the yard until all the leaves are gone.

There’s Beauty in Picking up Leaves

After reading these tips, you should be able to approach leaf-picking with newfound ease. Be sure to rake regularly to prevent excess leaves, and use a tarp for easy clean-up. Picking up leaves can be a breeze with a bit of preparation.

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