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Tips on How to Save Water When Bathing

Save Water When Bathing

You need to bathe each day for sanitary reasons. You also want to feel fresh before you head out for work or before you sleep at night. The only problem when you use a shower is that you end up wasting a lot of water. Given the environmental issues we face today, it is crucial to help limit the use of water. These are some tips to avoid wasting water when you bathe.

Spend only a few minutes taking a shower

You do not need ten extra minutes to take a shower when you can finish cleaning your body in a few minutes. Set a time each time you take a shower and stop when you reach that limit. By then, you will have cleaned your body and got ready for work. If you want to stay longer inside the bathroom because you want to be alone, it is okay. You do not need to turn the shower on the entire time. Remember that for every minute you spend taking a shower, you are wasting 2.5 gallons of water.

Do not turn the shower on the whole time you are bathing

You can start by wetting yourself, and then you can turn the shower off. Start soaping up and clean your entire body. You can turn the shower on again when you are ready to start rinsing the soap off. Being conscious of using water when you bathe can help save an incredible amount of water.

Buy a low-flow shower head

You can significantly lessen the amount of water used when bathing using a low-flow showerhead. It does not change your bathing experience at all, but it helps save a lot of water. Instead of wasting 2.5 gallons of water per minute, it reduces to only 0.5 gallons.

Choose the right products

You can buy hair and skin care products that do not require a lot of water to use. You can rinse them off by taking a shower for only a few minutes. You might have to check medical supply stores though as these products are usually not available in regular stores.

Have a sponge bath

There are days when you do not need to have a full bath. You can opt for a sponge bath if your goal is to clean your body. Add warm water in a basin and use a washcloth or sponge to rinse the soap off. You might think that this technique is only for sick people, but it works for everyone.

Saving water is a priority these days considering that in some parts of the world, water is scarce. You need to think of these people too even when you have the luxury of having enough water at home. There is nothing wrong with improving your bathroom with the addition of a shower enclosure and other accessories as long as they do not waste water. You need to take part in solving these problems, and the steps you take at home will be of significant help.

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