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8 Tips That Can Keep Your Car AC Working Perfectly

The air conditioning system in your Audi A5 for Sale car plays a crucial role in determining your driving experience. If the AC is down, the internal temperature can shoot up too high making you feel irritated, which, in turn, affects your ability to drive properly. In contrast, a well-functioning air conditioner keeps you cool and enables you to drive your best. And in this post, we will look at 8 tips that can keep the air conditioning system in your car work perfectly.

Use Low Temp

Tip number one – always set the temp to the lowest level. You can then adjust the fan the way you like so that the car gets properly cooled. This has three benefits. To begin with, this is the most efficient way to utilize the car AC. Secondly, the air will not dry out as much when compared to setting the temp at the highest. And finally, the higher temp would have resulted in reheating the air, which would have used up more fuel. But since you have set the temp to the lowest level possible level, you will end up saving some fuel rather than using it up needlessly.

fuel consumption

Clean The Filter

Make sure that you check the air filter in the cabin on a regular basis and remove any accumulated dirt in it. This is especially true if you have been using the vehicle for too long without having looked after it properly. The accumulated dirt in the filter will affect the effective operation of the air conditioner by limiting the proper airflow in the vehicle. By cleaning out the dirt, you can restore the airflow and ensure that the car is cooled off in an optimal manner. Now, it is possible to remove the air filter by yourself since you can easily access it from behind the glove compartment. However, some models make it extremely difficult for a novice to even get to the filter. So, if you think that accessing the filter of your car is pretty tough, you will be better off letting a professional handle the cleaning of the air filter for you.

Never Pre-Cool

Some people have a tendency to pre-cool the car since they think that the interiors will be cooled much better this way. This is not completely true. It is when you drive the car that the AC will run at its optimal level. As such, pre-cooling the vehicle is actually a waste of fuel and time. Now, if you think that the interior of the vehicle is too hot, just have the rear windows opened for about 20 seconds or so. That should drive out the hot air in the car. You can now switch the AC on, drive the vehicle, and get the best possible results.

Switch Off Stop/Start

Many new cars have an auto start/stop system that is switched on by default. This will essentially stop the AC compressor from running in situations when the engine has been shut off. As a result, when you are stuck in a traffic jam, the air will start to warm up pretty fast. Hence, it is recommended that you switch off the stop/start option in your vehicle. While this might bump the fuel consumption a bit, your experience of using the car will be much better. But if you are obsessed with using as little fuel as possible, then you can keep the auto stop/start option turned on.

Avoid Recirculating Air

The air conditioning systems of most cars available today will have a recirculation mode. This will essentially push the air from the front section of the car to the back. Consequently, while the passengers in the front seat will have a cool temperature around them, the passengers in the back will be forced to sit in a very stable environment. So when driving in groups where there are people sitting in the back, never set the AC to recirculation mode.

Get It Checked Regularly

Every vehicle needs to be checked on a regular basis by professional mechanics. They will be able to identify potential problems in the car’s air conditioning and correct it before it blows up into a major issue. Your car will also run much better when you stick to the vehicle’s maintenance schedule. Ensure that only well-experienced mechanics like https://eliteautorepairtempe.com/air-conditioning-repair-and-service tend to your vehicle, and you can be sure that the AC system will always run in an optimal manner.

The ‘Outside’ Mode

Sometimes, you might notice an odor in the air inside the car. The odor can be pretty heightened in case there is stuff like a dirty sock or something similar in your vehicle. When you do smell such foul smells, opening the windows alone might not help. Switching on the AC like you normally may also not do any good at removing the odor. The best thing to do is to set the air conditioning to ‘outside’ mode. This will take out the air inside the car out of it, thereby greatly helping to control the odor.

Vent Air Before Cooling

When you are entering your vehicle after a long time, it will inevitably be too hot inside, especially if it is the summer season. In such situations, don’t just get in the car and switch on the AC right away. Instead, lower the windows and vent out the inside air. When the temperature inside the car roughly matches the outside temperature, you can turn up the windows and switch the AC on. This enables the air conditioner to cool the indoor much faster without having to exert too much. You need to make sure that the air conditioner is the set at the highest speed during the first few minutes. This will cool down the internal temperature faster.

Be sure to follow the above suggestions and you will be able to keep the air conditioner in your car in good health and enjoy a good driving experience. And in case you sense there is an issue with cooling, get it checked by an expert as soon as possible.

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