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Tips for Using a CPAP Machine

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It is estimated that 30 million adults in the United States have obstructive sleep apnea. This is a serious disorder that can cause you to stop breathing while you sleep and it may require the help of a CPAP machine.

If you want to get the most out of your CPAP therapy, it is important that you learn how to properly use a CPAP machine. Do you want to learn more about how using a CPAP machine can help you get uninterrupted, safe sleep?

Keep reading this guide for the top CPAP tips you should follow when using CPAP machines.

Try to Breathe Naturally

One of the most important things you can do when learning how to use a CPAP machine is to try to breathe as naturally as possible. When you first start to sleep with a CPAP machine, you may become more aware of your breathing.

The forced air may cause you to regulate your breathing. However, this can lead to feelings of claustrophobia and may make it more difficult to continue using your mask.

Instead, you should try to breathe naturally. This will make it easier for you to get used to the air pressure and you will eventually become comfortable with the forced air.

Use Your CPAP Machine Consistently

When using a CPAP machine, you need to use it every single night! While it may seem like a simple adjustment to start wearing the mask while you sleep, the more you use your machine, the easier it will become.

Taking breaks from your CPAP therapy can make it difficult to get used to the difference in breathing.

Find the Right Mask

Many people find it uncomfortable to sleep in a CPAP mask all night long. However, this is usually because they do not have the right mask! If you have a mask that is too loose or too tight or a mask that is the wrong style, it will be difficult to sleep soundly.

Working with a sleep expert can help you find the right mask for your unique needs to make it easier to use your CPAP machine each night.

If you try several different masks and still have a hard time wearing them while you sleep, you may need to practice wearing your mask while you are still awake. This will desensitize you and will help your body adjust to your new sleeping gear.

Make Adjustments to Your Mask

Not only do you need to find the right mask style and size, but you will likely need to make adjustments to your mask until you have the right fit. If you have an ill-fitting mask, it can lead to air leaking out of your mask. This means that you will not be getting as much air as you need.

If your mask is too tight, it can also irritate your skin and lead to pressure sores.

Adjusting the straps and pads on your mask will allow you to customize the fit of your CPAP mask to be as comfortable as possible.

Clean Your CPAP Machine

To ensure that your CPAP machine stays in great condition, you also need to clean your CPAP machine regularly. Cleaning your machine will help you protect yourself from germs, which can be difficult because your machine goes directly into your nose!

Things like dust, oils, and even skin cells can build up in your CPAP mask and may make it easier for you to get sick.

Cleaning your CPAP machine will provide you with better air quality and even a better seal on your CPAP mask. If you need help cleaning your CPAP machine, you can discover more here.

Learn About Ramp Features

As was mentioned before, it can be difficult to get used to the forced air coming out of your CPAP machine. Because there is a steady stream of air, you cannot control your breathing as easily.

If this makes it difficult for you to fall asleep, you may want to learn more about ramp features on your CPAP machine.

This feature allows you to start using your machine at a lower level. Then, the air pressure will gradually increase after you fall asleep until it has reached the correct levels. Using the ramp feature on your CPAP machine will make it easier for you to get used to your new sleeping aid and can help you stay comfortable.

Be Patient

Finally, you must be patient! When you are used to sleeping a certain way, making any changes can make it difficult to get comfortable and get restful sleep. While a CPAP mask may be difficult to get used to, being patient will allow you to become more familiar with your machine.

Not only will you get used to breathing the forced air, but you will get used to the feeling of a mask on your face while you sleep.

Patience is one of the most important things you can learn if you want to successfully use a CPAP machine to treat your sleep apnea or other sleeping disorder.

Need Help Using a CPAP Machine?

When you are using a CPAP machine for the first time, it can be difficult to get used to. Following each of these tips will help you achieve better sleep with a CPAP machine and can keep you safe while you sleep.

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