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Tips for Finding Your Style in Home Decor

Do you find it difficult to choose furniture or art for your home since you don’t know your style? Do you have friends who seem to have a knack for decorating their homes in a style that suits them impeccably?

Finding your style to make your home feel more personal can be hard for people starting on this personal journey. It is challenging to pinpoint what your artistic design is.

Your style should reflect your inspiration, affinities, and interests. The process is less about the taste in decor and more about what it says about you.

The colors, furnishings, and objects within your home reflect your personality and lifestyle. But, with design, the sentiments are easier said than done.

Lucky enough, we have come up with tips on finding your style in home décor. You will get a finer image of your taste in décor. Continue reading to learn.

Take Inventory

Survey each room in your home and check the pieces that stand out. Then, start picking what you like and what makes you feel happy. The item will be key ingredients in building a home that portrays your style.

To give the item a quick refresh, try moving it to the room you spend most of your time. But, do not discard the other items you are not fond of just yet.

The items may help you unearth future statement pieces. They can also be an addition to bold colors or work as buffer pieces before finding the perfect match.

Expand Your Perspective

Consider visiting a new locale to have fresh design perspectives. Traveling and absorbing the beauty of a new place is very inspiring. Your style should tell where you have been or where you want to be.

Are you planning a trip soon? Do a little preparation ahead of time because it helps with maximizing the experience and relates to your sense of design.

Capture many photos and find time to reflect on them after the trip. Analyze the colors of architecture, textures, and outfits you were wearing throughout the trip.

Do Your Research

Take time to peruse through various interior design books and magazines. That way, you learn many interior decorating techniques. Consider checking out design books from various design-forward publishers.

Keep in mind the rooms that catch your eye and, most importantly, the ones you did not like. Additionally, don’t fear visiting well-designed hotels or historic homes.

You will learn how some antiques and colors impact a room’s atmosphere. After doing your research, you will notice your loved styles and applications. Now, you have an idea of incorporating them into your home.

Start Changing Small Details

As we saw earlier, do not get rid of everything in your house during your self-discovery journey. Consider beginning by altering small details like artwork, lampshades, or even the pillows.

The minor details can cause a huge impact without involving a large budget. Note that changing one detail or the entire home will feel so different to you; that will guide you to redecorate over time.

You can also try out playful furnishing or vibrant colors without committing to painting the whole room or buying a patterned sofa.

Create a Mood Board

As a kid, were you a fun of making collages out of magazine clippings? Well, you should revert to this habit to see the kind of creations you love.

Have many inspirational photos from all sorts of subjects. Subjects include travel, nature, art, jewelry, fashion, interiors, and movies. Then, arrange them into a large vision board.

What appeals to you the most about each image? It can be color combinations, a specific feeling, unique texture, historical elements, or a play of forms and shapes.

You are likely to identify a pattern that best describes your style.

Reach Out

If you truly want to reinvent your style in home décor, reach out to a designer. There are many platforms you can connect with professional interior designers.

You will receive masterful advice even though you don’t need a full-blown home remake. On the notes from the research phase, check to see if any designer pops up, then reach out to them.

The designers will come up with a few suggestions of interior design ideas. Picking one and making it your own is also an option.

It Is Okay to Have Several Set Styles

Since it is natural for us to have several interests, we can incline towards several styles. You might have some classical pieces of furniture, but don’t let them define you.

You may have more diverse tastes and interests. It is encouraging to embrace these different styles and tastes.

Imagine How You Want Your Dream Home to Be Like

At this moment, do not worry about the cost. Figure out how you want your dream home to be and what you want to have in it. Maybe it’s a wide modern kitchen? Do you like modern or traditional architecture?

Think about every detail from the floors to the windows and moldings. Imagine the colors you will choose for your home.

Maybe you love bold and bright colors. Or do you prefer calmer and more subdued colors? There are ways to add the things you love to your dream home.

Consider Finding Your Style in Home Decor

With most design and personal projects, you need patience, time, and work. Do not rush into trying to have a perfect home.

Take your time to build and form a home that portrays your experience and livelihood. Finding your style in home decor should be more about the journey and less about your destination.

Your décor style is a direct embodiment of your style. It will evolve and refine itself further as you grow.

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