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Tips for Camping On the Beach

Southern California has lice

The beaches in the southern California are a nice and fun place for outing. People from the other places often visit southern California to enjoy the beaches and the surrounding places that tend to attract the tourists. Even the families residing in southern California often visits the beaches on Sunday and other holidays to enjoy the sea and the water sports with their kids.

There is no doubt that the place has a lot of things that attract people and pulls them there for fun but at the same time one must know that southern California has lice. Yes, one might not believe this fact while hearing it for the first time and might take the fact very lightly but then it is the truth that southern California has lice and it can be dangerous for the kids if not taken care of. Here are some tips that can help one in staying safe and alert from ending up with a lousy head after getting back from the trip.

  • One must understand that the only way a louse gets contaminated is when it comes in direct contact with the hair or head. It is not something that flies in the air and stays wherever they feel like. Only when a lousy head meets a lice free head, the lice tend to spread. Also, a louse does not live for more than 3 days but they tend to reproduce at a very fast rate. So, before a louse is dead it gives many eggs that give rise to new lice and hence, the head gets full of lice and tends to spread among the entire family within no time.
  • There is no such precaution that one can take to stay away from lice rather than avoiding the head and hair contact with people around. Kids do not tend to understand this and even of they understand they tend to forget and end up having lice. The best thing parents can do is, keeping a watch on the children and notice if they scratch their head every now and then. Itching and head scratching is the symptom that there are lice in the head of the baby and adults too. Hence, if the baby scratches his or her head frequently, parents must check their head with the louse comb. Even if they see the eggs, they must contact a lice removal clinic or salon and ask them for the appointment.

Since the lice cannot be really prevented hence there are no such dos and don’ts for it but it can surely be treated and cured if one takes the right measures. Southern California has lice and they also have clinics and salons for lice treatment too. Hence, one can contact the salon and ask for an appointment. Once the appointment is fixed one can get the infestation checkup done and start with the treatment. The salons use non- toxic and natural substances for the treatment and hence have no side effect on the skin of the kids.

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