Tips For A Convincing Public Speaking Voice

Tips For A Convincing Public Speaking Voice

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For public speaking, a good voice and tone are a must. You can go to websites like SoundWave to get a self-assessment report done for your voice, highlighting its features and possible changes you could make to sound better. Some great tips for being convincing as a public speaker are as follows:

Listen To And Know Your Voice

You should be aware of how you sound while speaking, and it generates confidence like none other. Knowing your voice will also allow you to make certain changes to improve your speaking skills. You can record yourself while you give your speech as a practice and then analyse it accordingly.

Slow And Steady Breaths

While you speak, breathe at proper intervals. It would help if you didn’t sound like you were out of breath, but your breath shouldn’t lag. Breathing at timely intervals and not in a very loud manner will help you a lot, making you sound calm and self-aware.

Try To Sound Warm And: Empathetic

Your voice should be very warm and empathetic when trying to convince someone. Step into your audience’s shoes and make them understand the reason behind your motives. Make sure they understand and relate to your cause.

Self-Aware Body Language

This is not specifically about your voice, but keep and firm and confident body language when you speak. Keep your posture straight, don’t bend your shoulders, and your legs should be in line with each other. It will help you convey your thoughts subconsciously to your audience and build trust.

Take Pauses

Taking strategic pauses will make you sound composed and relaxed, and it will also give you time to think about what to say next. Rushing yourself to get the sentence out in one go will only makes you sound under confident, and it will create a bad image of you as a public speaker. Go slow, take a pause, and even drink water in between if you want some more time to think. It works like a charm!

Public speaking may be an art, but its crux is your voice and body language. Once you sound confident, it will make a definite difference. People like an individual who thoroughly knows what he is talking about, and it is very easy to believe that person. Use these tips for your next presentation, and thank me later!

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