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Time to Raise the Set Bar: Be Cable Innovative

In recent years, home renovation in Australia has been on the rise and this pattern is set to continue well into 2019. Along with this increase in home improvement is more attention to trends in moods, colours, and materials. Trends usually begin on the fashion runway and gradually make their way into interior design. It is also interesting to note that most trends follow a cycle. What was popular in decades past generally comes back around again with different nuances and twists. For example, you can plan to see this in the form of Art Deco this year as people look back with nostalgia on one of the most glamorous and luxurious periods in the history of fashion, art, and design and incorporate this look into their homes as a tribute to this time.

Bold is Beautiful

This year, colours are moving away from muted monochromatic schemes and into bolder brighter hues such as fuchsia, burnt orange, and mustard yellow, particularly in velvet textures. The rooms in focus are the kitchen, which is the heart of every home, as well as the bathroom. Plan to see more calming pastel shades in these particular rooms paired with textured tiles and dark timber accents. Vanities are also set to make a big statement this year. Look for large bathroom mirrors which seem to reflect humans’ recent obsessions with the “selfie”.

Metal touches have also undergone a transformation from copper tones to brass and gold. While Chrome has been popular for some time now, plan to see it even more, especially paired with silver used in decorative pieces.

Nature Comes Indoors

In the quest to become more and more environmentally friendly, you will see a bigger fusion of indoor elements with nature. Indoor plants are prevalent this year with more foliage-based varieties such as ferns and fiddle-leaf fig trees in both live and artificial versions. Natural plant fibres such as jute woven into rugs and baskets are the main staple which also adds a touch of coziness to any room in your home.

In the living room and bedrooms, calming natural hues in the form of deep jade greens paired with lighter colours such as sage and mint will make you feel as if you are in a natural sanctuary secluded from the crazy outside world.

Beauty in Safety

In these modern times, incorporating our need for technology with aesthetically pleasing and organised spaces can be a challenge. While wireless devices are widely in use right now, unsightly computer and electronic cables are still often a tough issue to tackle. Jumbled-up wires not only look bad, but they are also a dangerous hazard for both children and adults who can easily trip and fall if their feet are caught on these wires. You can avoid these hazards and accidental disconnects by installing cable protectors over exposed wires. There are a variety of types and colours of protectors on the market such as Tripsafe cable protection which is available for all floor types.

Perfect, Popular Pods

Pods are now coming to the forefront as a trendy way to separate a room or garden from other parts of the house. You will most likely see these clad in timber as they merge nicely with the outdoors and are perfect for Australia’s mild climate. They also support the concept of modular living which an increasing number of designers are supporting these days.

Less is Definitely More

More and more people are embracing the simpler life of minimalism. Home design trends have evolved to reflect this way of life as homes become smaller and accommodate more people. As a result, people are making the most of every available space for storage areas by using attractive joinery in alcoves for wine storage or cozy studies and smart furniture which doubles as storage.

Add Your Own Unique Touch

Add your own individuality to each room by adding a few of your favourite things such as a vase, picture, or basket in your favourite colours. Trends come and go, but your style is a timeless part of your character. Your home should be a safe, inviting resting place and a direct extension of YOU.

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