This Is What You Should Do When Your Dog Is Not Eating

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Did you know 85 million homes owned a pet in 2020? 65 million of those homes had dogs.

Do you have dogs at home? If you do, you know health issues can be a struggle to navigate.

You might not be able to understand why your dog is not eating. This guide will discuss some things you can do to help your dog. Keep reading to learn more.

Change up Their Food

Dog stomach problems may cause your furry friend to reject their food. If you’re concerned about your dog not getting their daily nutrients, consider changing their food. There are plenty of foods made specifically for digestive issues.

If your dog simply gets bored eating the same foods, you can change the flavors from time to time. You can also switch from dry kibble to wet food to see which one your dog prefers eating.

Top Your Dog’s Food With a Treat

Your dog might be more inclined to eat their food if you top it with their favorite treat. While your dog shouldn’t eat all kinds of human food, there are a few things that can encourage them to eat.

Cook up a small piece of plain chicken or fish and mix it in with their kibble. You can also serve low-sodium chicken broth on top of their food. Some dogs enjoy eating boiled butternut squash or sweet potatoes with their food.

You should also consider CBD for dogs. There are many benefits of CBD for your pup, including helping them with their appetite issues.

You can give them CBD treats or CBD oil straight from the dropper. Read more info here.

Warm Up Their Food

One simple way to get your dog to eat is by heating their food. All you have to do is add a small amount of warm water and put their food in the microwave for a few seconds.

This might encourage your pup to eat their food right away. Make sure the food isn’t too hot when you feed it to your dog.

Exercise Before Eating

Lack of eating is one of the signs your dog is sick. While the conditions your dog may be suffering from range from depression to liver disease, you should contact your vet to find an underlying cause.

If your dog suffers from anxiety and refuses to eat, one thing you can do is get them to play before mealtime. Whether you go on a walk or play fetch in the backyard, playtime can help your pup build up an appetite.

What You Can Do When Your Dog Is Not Eating

If your dog is not eating, there are few things you can do to help them. Try topping your dog’s daily meals with some of their favorite treats or giving them CBD to build their appetite. Making sure they exercise before eating can help too.

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