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Things to take care of with commercial lifts

Lifts and elevators have the highest use in the commercial sector. From offices to restaurantsthe lifts make the whole environment a lot disciplined and convenient for the people who come there. It is for the very same reason why offices deploy lifts even though stairs are there to connect every floor. But what are some of the things that need to be taken care of when planning lifts for the offices? Let us find that out. For we all know that as much as safety is important, there are a few functionalities as well which need to be a part of the lifts that are a part of the lifts that make it to the offices.

The capacity it can hold

An office with a staff above 200 will not suffice with a lift which can accommodate only a couple of people. There would be huge queues outside the lift’s door with people waiting for their turn to come. It will not only be annoying but also waste their precious times which is not acceptable in the work environment. Hence, installing bigger lifts that are properly planned out is important.


There are lifts of multiple designs. You need to assess the environment of your office before you and the design which would best fit it before you go ahead with your lift decision. Depending on the waiting area, the lift’s interior would have to be assessed too.


This is probably the biggest decision you would have to make with lifts. From the footing that would accommodate the waiting queues to the rush of the lunchtimes, the lifts should be placed strategically at a location that would make moving around easier for everyone without bringing the whole workplace down. The distance of the lifts to the main door should be as close as it is easier to access the cafeteria or lunch room with it.


Perhaps, the most important concern with the lifts is the quality and the safety of the people who board it. Not only should the lift be able to withstand the weights of the people riding it but also be properly installed depending on the design that you had given a go-ahead for. You are legally bound to follow all the safety regulations with your lifts before you start using it for daily use.


Choose a design which is easier to clean and maintain without costing you too much. The aesthetics will play a huge role here. The lift should look not only pleasing to the eye but should also be easier to take care of in the longer run. After all, you cannot have it placed out of order every few days to get it all cleaned up and working for the staff.

These are just some of the things you need to take care of before installing lifts in the offices. For more information, get in contact with the commercial lifts by Terry, do get in contact with us. We will help you meet all your requirements and regulations with class.

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