Things to Look Forward to as a Freshman in College

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Once you have finished high school, you are now going into a new adventure and chapter in your life. College is where students grow and slowly take the path of what they aspire to become. This is where students have the time of their life, juggling school, and social life.

During freshman year, excitement is at its peak—the thrill of calling local movers to move your things to a new place with many strangers and getting into your dream school. You want to go all out and have the best time during your whole stay in college.

Here are some essential tips for freshman college students:

Start of school activities

You are now in college, a whole new environment and a different one at that. Usually, they have events and programs during the school year, like tours and sitting in classes in college. Having a sense of social identity comes from being a part of a team or crew, and extracurricular activities provide an advantage for you to engage with others who share their objectives.

If you can, join everything as this will help you get comfortable with the place, and maybe you’ll unexpectedly find something you’ll love.

Club and organizations

Certainly, there will be many clubs and organizations that will be opening with the start of school. Maybe you’d like to continue what you did before in your old school or even be brave enough to join clubs that sound new to you.

The bottom line is, get into whatever there is that’s to your liking as this will give you the best experiences.

Dress however you want

College is the time to step up, and maybe it’s the time to update your wardrobe. If you’re bold enough to make a statement at school, then go dress up however you like. But if you’d like to stay chill, you could also find some comfortable clothes that you’ll be wearing all day long when you have classes.

Get out of your comfort zone

Now that you are in a new environment far from what it was in high school. Try to get out of your comfort zone. Be open to anything in front of you. If you were a little shy before or stuck with a solid group of friends, maybe now is the time to spice up some things. This is the time to open new doors and get those opportunities.

New friendships

If you are lucky enough you could have some classes with your old pals from high school. But most likely, you will be alone in different courses, and you have to find ways to make new friendships. This will be essential for projects and simply companionship for the subjects you are taking.

Residing in school

Most colleges have residences or dorms inside the campus that students can stay in. If it is possible to get yourself a place inside the school, then go for it. This way, you can be more involved with the school, have new friends in your dorm, and get to join exclusive activities for those living at school.

Forming relationships with faculty

The people you see every day from class to class and those you listen to and learn a lot from are your respectable professors. Put extra time and effort into getting to know them a little more, be acquainted with them, know their teaching styles and be someone responsible that these professors can also rely on. This will surely help you in surviving college.

Part-time jobs

Let’s say that you are a journalism major, and it’s beneficial that you get into part-time jobs similar to your major in your freshman year. Maybe you could also get a job in the school office to better get to know the system and hone your skills with your major. This will also help you gain connections with internships in the future.

Good study habits

College is the real deal. Professors aren’t afraid to give you failing grades right away. And most probably, you will be overwhelmed with all the work and new lessons you will encounter. You must create a good system with your study habits to help you with school and manage time.

Enjoy, explore, and have no regrets

Lastly, it is essential that you enjoy everything you experience in college, explore all the options you have and try everything, and work with them so that you’ll look back in a few years and know by heart that you didn’t regret it a thing.

When you begin college, you have a fresh educational slate and many numerous choices to consider as you reached college. You make multiple valuable decisions and take different essential activities in your first year of college, which will substantially affect your ultimate college life.

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