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Things to Keep in Mind While Doing Makeup

It’s finally girl’s night and you’re staring in your makeup drawer as you prepare for the night’s events. Should you attempt a smokey eye? Stick with a more neutral tone? Or go all out and try out that red lipstick you’ve stashed away for a special occasion (don’t lie, we know it’s never been used). The makeup drawer is screaming at you to make a decision, but we understand how tough this is. Your best friend Becky seems to always look flawless with her long eyelashes and natural foundation. How can you even compete with that? But don’t worry, the problem isn’t you. The problem is with your relationship with the makeup. So, what do you say? Let’s get you two accommodated!

  1. Pick the right shade!

This is the most crucial part of your makeup routine. Picking the correct shade of foundation is going to either make or break your whole entire face look. When we say pick the right shade, we don’t mean pick the shade you want to be. If you have light skin and try to brighten it up with a medium shade, you may find people giving you odd looks which would ultimately leave you feeling less confident. If you want to brighten up your skin tone, DON’T do it with foundation. Try something like Loving Tan’s selftanner. After you’ve selected the correct tone for your face, make sure you don’t apply too much. We recommend putting a small portion of the foundation on the back of your hand and using either your beauty blender or foundation brush. Slowly apply the foundation to your face. Work with small amounts and build from there. Applying foundation in natural lighting is going to be key to making sure you don’t overload your face.

  1. Dress for the occasion.

This doesn’t just go for your outfit, this applies to your makeup look as well. If you and the girls are headed for a quiet night on the town, don’t try to create the world’s best smokey eye. Keep it natural and find what colors accent your eyes the best. For brown eyes, colors such as pink tones will enhance the gold specks found in your eye (shine, girl, shine!). For all you blue-eyed babes, try earthy tones such as the browns and light tans. This will bring out the best in your ocean-filled eyes.

  1. Pucker up! When working on your make-up routine, make sure you pick a lipstick shade that matches the rest of your makeup. For example, if you’ve chosen to use green shades on your eyelids, we recommend sticking with those earthy tones throughout your look. Try a nude pink lip or a taupe shade. If you’ve chosen a pink eye look, stick with the rose shades. Keeping your colors in the same palette is essential for making sure your makeup look comes together.
  1. Make-em POP!

After you’ve applied your eyeshadow, it’s time to really make your eyes pop! Eyeliner and mascara are essential for finishing off your eye makeup look. How you apply your eye-liner is going to depend on your personal preference. Some ladies prefer adding liner only to the top eyelid and some only prefer the bottom. This will depend on your personal preference. There really is no golden rule for that one. Mascara is another essential in the eye make-up routine. Mascara brings the look altogether by making your lashes stand out! There are some very good quality mascaras that will make your eyelashes appear long! However, the only way to really make your lashes longer is to try a lash boost. Who knows, maybe you’ll find that your lashes get to be so long you won’t even need mascara!

  1. Hold it in place.

You’re there – you completed your look! You created a stunning makeup look that not only looks natural on the face but has brought out your best features! We couldn’t be prouder of you. The final step of your makeup routine should be finding a spray that will hold it all in place. We recommend something like the Milani setting spray which offers sprays for both oily and dry skins.

Whether you are going out with your friends, have a hot date, or spending the afternoon playing scrabble with your grandma – there is a makeup look for you! Practicing different tones and trying new products will help you become more comfortable knowing what works and does not work well for your face. Unfortunately, makeup is not a one-size fits all and it does require a lot of trial and error. However, following some of these useful tips and tricks will help you come that much closer to becoming your own favorite makeup guru!

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