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Things to do in Bangkok

The capital of Thailand and the most populated city in the country, Bangkok offers a vibrant nightlife, peaceful sunrise, religious sanctity, and a bustling cityscape. It is a city full of contrasts. The floating markets, the busy streets of Chinatown, and the gorgeous rooftop restaurants will pamper the tourist within you. The best part is that you can spend as much as you want on all the luxury malls and the ocean of markets and boutiques and you will still be able to treat yourself without it costing you the Earth.

Things to do in Bangkok

It’s not difficult to reach Bangkok as there are many cheap flight tickets from Delhi to Bangkok which you can hop onto. Bangkok has two airports out of which the Suvarnabhumi Airport is the main airport which operates all the domestic and international flights including many cheap flights from Delhi to Bangkok, arriving and departing Bangkok. This airport is located 25 kilometers to the east of Bangkok. You can also take the bus from certain parts in Thailand, and train too from nearby countries like Cambodia, Laos, and Malaysia. While you are in Bangkok you’ll find a number of touristy things to do.

Roam about in the Bang Sai Orchid Garden 

This garden is particularly important and popular as it is the first Orchid garden in the country of Thailand. This garden has a wide variety of Orchids that are up on display. It is a good place to take your family to and spend a good amount of time admiring the beauty of the flowers. It is also a great place to stay away from the noise and crowds of the city. It is an ideal tourist destination in Thailand and one that should definitely be on your bucket list.

Let out the shopaholic in you at Plearnwan

A small yet lively village that has an air of the vintage lifestyle of the community is a great place to indulge in a bit of shopping. There are many cafes here too, so you won’t go hungry. You can browse through hundreds of shops that sell clothes and ornaments. As adults, you can enjoy the old-world charm of the place and kids can learn a thing or two from the past. The place completely lights up during the weekends with outdoor cinema, Thai temple fair, amazing street food, and fun and games for children. This is also a great place to rent out a vintage accommodation.

A taste of the Thai Dessert Museum

One of the unique tourist destinations is the Thai Dessert Museum which was founded on the 80th anniversary of King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s. The museum was established and functions under the philosophy of economic sufficiency and as an ideal for the nurturing of local enterprises within the community.

Pay your respects at the 2324 Sacrificial Monument

It is one of the finest places to go to in Bangkok and take some really nice photos. This place is a memorial dedicated to all the heroes of the land who died to protect the kingdom of Thailand. From civilians to policemen, and soldiers, everyone is honoured here. You’ll find many photos and weapons of the bygone era in the museum nearby. It is a good place to get acquainted with a bit of history that the city has to offer.

Finish your journey by visiting the Grand Palace

A trip to Bangkok is incomplete without a visit to the Grand Palace. It is set in the heart of Bangkok and is a spectacular marvel in terms of architecture and design.

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