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Things to Do after Pest Control Treatment

You’ve been to hell and back with the pest invasion, and finally, you get to catch a breath after the experts come to your rescue. But now you’re thinking of ways to keep these pests out for good. The good news is that the hard work is behind you now – it can only get better going forward.

Knowing the right things to do after a pest control treatment can mean the difference between enjoying a pest free home, and having a re-infestation a few months later. This is irrespective of whether you bring in the best experts from top companies like Responsible Pest Control or decide to remove the pests yourself.

Here is what you need to do after treatment to ensure you don’t suffer a re-infestation:

Clean lightly

It’s often recommended that you clean your home thoroughly before the pest control experts come in. This not only makes the work easier for the experts but also allows you to do lighter cleanups after the process to avoid compromising the treatment. Besides, treatment products adhere well to clean surfaces, and will, therefore, be more effective. Since the technicians often spray along perimeters like on baseboards and so on, you may want to keep off that area until the treatment dries completely – otherwise you will clear it. Usually, you can safely clean the treated area about 3-5 days of application.

Keep food sources away

Pest control treatment is meant to get rid of the pests in your home – and it continues to do so for weeks after application. However, after that, you can still be vulnerable to attacks if you have food sources in your home. Pests, like humans, need food to survive, and if they can find the food in your home, they will creep in and make themselves comfortable. So, after treatment, ensure that you don’t leave any food open, instead, store them in pest-proof bags or the fridge. Don’t forget to clear any food crumbs from the surfaces to. Lastly, put all garbage a few meters from your house, because if it’s too close, the pests may be tempted to explore the surrounding and in the process, find a way into your home.

Clear out water sources

Did you know that dying cockroaches need water? Well, they do. So, if you have water sources in your home, they will take advantage of that to extend their lives. So, ensure that your bathtubs and sinks are always dry. The good idea is to wipe them after use to remove excess water. Other than roaches, some pests need water to survive – others like mosquitoes thrive and reproduce in water – and if your home provides this, it will be hard to protect yourself from recurring attacks.

But don’t worry if you see more pest activity

If you notice an increase in pest activity, don’t fret. It’s normal. Remember, these pests are disrupted from their normal leaving, so they will be running up and down trying to find new places to hide. But with the treatment, they won’t find any – so they’ll be all over the place. However, you should expect the activity to reduce weeks after treatment and disappear altogether.

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