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Things to Consider before Buying a Remote Dog Training Collar

As the most loyal animal, the dog can also be irritating sometimes especially at the first time you brought them home. When this happens, most people will think of buying remote dog training collar to calm down their behavior problems. Lots of people indeed succeed in training their dog from certain behavioral problems such as unnecessary barking and jumping at people.

Dog training collar is also very useful to discipline distracted dogs. It is always frustrating if you are going out for a walk and your dog sees a small cat and starts running after it. It is quite difficult to get the attention from the distracted dog even if you call and whistle. One great way to get the attention back is using the dog training collar.

Speaking of training collar, there are lots of variation of the items with different features and sizing. If you are thinking of getting a dog collar, it is important to do some research and consider some points. This is because choosing the right dog collar is very challenging.

Why do you need to carefully consider?

Before buying anything including dog collar, I always read numbers of reviews and guides related to the different type of collar. This helps me in deciding which one is the best item for my dog. When it comes to a remote dog training collar, it refers to a kind of collar with filled with the electrical component and allowed the dog owner to control it through remote. Basically, dog training collar is categorized into three types which are shock based, citronella solution based, and ultrasonic-based. The collar is used in the dog’s neck and the owner controls the dog through the remote. The remote also comes with a dial which has various stimulations which allow owner to quickly train the dog.

Different collar brands suit different kinds of the dog as well. Therefore, reading reviews from other customers really help in finding the right item to suit my dog. Below are some points to consider when searching for the best dog training collar.

What to consider

The size – when looking for a dog collar, the first thing that you should consider is the size of the collar and the dog. It will be quite a waste if you purchase a collar that does not suit your dog. The usual size of dog collar is around 5 to 28 inches. Most dogs will suit this collar size unless you have too big or tiny dogs. As a safe action, it is better to read the products specifications first before buying.

Charge matter – there are basically two types of dog collar based on the power which is using disposable battery or rechargeable. The collars which use the disposable battery for power will cost you more money in the long run because you need to buy a new battery every time it runs out. For a safer choice, I choose the rechargeable collar which requires no battery purchasing once it runs out. It just needs to be recharged like a smartphone. One time charging will last for about 60 to 70 hours which is quite a long time for a rechargeable item.

Comfortable – Most of the use will not even think of this point when searching for a dog collar. But, I personally think that comfort matter is important because the entire collar’s feature will only be useful if the dog comfortable wearing the collar. If the dog is uncomfortable wearing the device, you will not able to properly train the dog. Your time, money and the plan will all go useless.

Lightweight – I always consider the size of the collar and choose the lightweight one. This is because no animal would be pleased to have unwanted weight wrapped around their neck. It is important to consider the dog’s health first. You can adjust the size depends on the dog size like when choosing the collar size. If your dog is small size and already obedient enough, you will likely to use the lightweight collar with some levels of corrections.

Tone and vibration – the main reputation of dog collar is the shock feature. Even though the shock mode is very effective and safe for the dog, but I like to do a little care for my dog. I usually start training my dog with beep sound and vibration first except for extra big or stubborn dog. If the vibration and tone are not working, then, I use the shock mode in eth lowest level and gradually increase the level if it does not work. This kind of method works well for small and obedient dogs and believe me, why would you even use the shock mode if the vibration and beep work well.

Range – remote dog training collar also comes with various training range. Some people choose to train the dog within limited yards while some others prefer dog collar with a wide range. It is important to figure out the purpose of using the dog collar. For example for hunting purpose, you may want to choose a collar with wide range since the hunting area is also large. But if you need the collar for general training purpose, you will need to choose the medium range collar.

The pros and cons

Different dogs require a different collar. The collar is widely used by dog trainer because of the fast result. Some dogs will be obedient using the vibration or beep only. The remote dog training collar comes with an adjustable level of vibration, beep, and shock. The dog collar is also very affordable and widely available in the marketplace. However, dog collars also come with negative sides such as the shock causes fear for the dogs. Overusing the shock collar will result in the dog grows to fear over people. You need to carefully handle the remote because it is simply not a toy. Automatic bark mode or remote misuse may cause confusion for your dog. The collar dog, however, does not deliver good behavior or reward such as verbal affection such as ‘good boy’. It is important to reinforce reward for positive behavior, a small treat, or playtime.

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