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Things Every Tourist Should Avoid in Thailand

Millions of tourists visit Thailand each year to enjoy a cheap holiday on the beach or to experience the best of one of South East Asia’s favourite destinations. Whether you’re coming to relax on the islands or backpack for three weeks, there are a few things all tourists should be aware of when visiting Thailand for the first time.

Don’t Neglect Luxury

Several Thailand vacation rentals provide excellent value for money compared to other parts of the world. Many island rentals overlook the beach and give visitors a high-class and luxurious experience for a fraction of the cost elsewhere. Thailand is a notoriously affordable place to travel and splashing out just a little can lead to a big step up in quality. Many tourists often go for mid-range hotels.They miss out on the high-end bargains.

Don’t Fill Your Bag with Just Beach Clothes

Thailand is one of the hottest countries with year-round temperatures hovering the low 30s. Bangkok ranks as one of the hottest capital cities in the world with hot and sticky weather every single day of the year. For the first-time tourist, it might seem a no-brainer to pack light clothes such as t-shirts and shorts. You can leave the jeans and long-sleeves at home, right? Wrong! Thailand practices conservative Buddhism and those wanting to visit the temples and Bangkok’s Royal Palace need to cover their shoulders and legs above the knees. Without modest clothing, you won’t be allowed to enter.

Being Eaten Alive by Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are some of the biggest annoyances in the world. Can anything be worse than waking up in the night to hear the distinctive buzzing in your ear or having to keep swatting them when you’re eating in the restaurant? Bugs and biting insects are just a fact of life in many parts of the world,and there’s nothing much you can do to stop them. The only way to reduce the chances of getting bites is to protect yourself. Cover your arms and legs after dark and use bug repellent and mosquito spray. Make sure windows are shut when you go out. Prevention is the only way to protect yourself against the tiny monsters.

Getting Sunstroke

It shouldn’t come as a surprisethat the risks of sunstroke and sunburn are much higher in Thailand compared to back at home. Expect the sun to emit an extreme level of UV radiation and foryourskinto burn after a few minutes. You can also expect to be drippingwith sweat within five or ten minutes of stepping outside, especially in the stuffy streets of Bangkok. Getting sunburn on the first day of a holiday can be a disaster. And we’ve all suffered from this at least once in our lives. Sunburn can be painful and the skin is sensitive when further UV rays touch it making travel and enjoying a holiday difficult. The solution: Wear plenty of sun cream.

Getting Heatstroke

The next issue tourists often experience in Thailand is getting dehydrated and heatstroke. High temperatures and humidity mean you need to drink plenty of water just to stay hydrated. Always bring a bottle of water whenever you go out and make a point of taking a swig every now and again. It’s also important to avoid spending too much time outside and under the sun. Heatstroke can be quite a serious condition.

Missing Out on Thailand

Thailand is full of wonders from the exotic temples of Bangkok to its beaches, islands and northern highlands. Having the chance to experience some of the history, culture and traditions of the country is a privilege that shouldn’t be missed. If you’re planning to take a holiday to the beach, be sure also to spend a day or two in Bangkok. Several tours will take you to some of the nearby attractions. For those who have the time and flexibility, consider spending a few weeks exploring the different islands. From the Royal Palace in Bangkok to the ancient cities in the north, there’s always something to see and do in Thailand.

Falling Victim to a Scam

As one of the leading tourist destinations in Asia, there’s little wonder why scams are so common. Tourists who visit Thailand with money to burn are viewed as easy targets by unscrupulous scammers. From the moment you arrive at the airport, people will be trying to get your money. Overpaying by a dollar or two is insignificant but when you have to fork out much higher than the locals pay it can be a bitter pill to swallow. Typical scams involve taxis, tuk-tuks and tour companies. Always be vigilant when people approach you offering their ‘services’.

Don’t Be Complacent on the Beach

When you’re relaxing on the white sands of Koh Samui, the best way to cool off is to take a dip in the sea, right? Or what about taking advantage of the selection of water sports such as jet skiing, kayaking and banana boating? Both are popular activities in Thailand. But few tourists realise the undercurrents can be powerful.It’s not uncommon for people to find themselves in trouble. Be careful and watch out for strong currents and to respect the sea for the dangerous place it is.

And One Thing You Shouldn’t Avoid

Thailand makes a great spot to take a holiday or to travel. Just remember to enjoy and experience to thecountry the fullest,and you’ll have the time of your life. There’s a reason why Thailand is one of the most favourite places to visit in South East Asia.

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