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The World’s 5 Happiest Countries

If you want to plan a trip in an RV rental, but you don’t know where you want to go, why not visit one of the 5 happiest countries in the world? If the people there are happy, then they must be doing something right and there must be many things worth observing and seeing.

To help you decide which happy country to visit, we have compiled the top five for you to choose from:

  • Costa Rica: Pack your bags and head down south to one of the most incredible countries in the world. There are many reasons why Costa Rica would be a happy country. For one, they don’t have an army. Imagine living in a country where you don’t feel threatened enough to need one. They also have beautiful landscapes and a plethora of natural beauty. From volcanoes to beaches and lush jungles, Costa Rica is truly a place of “pura vida,” which more or less means that “life is great!”
  • Denmark: Wouldn’t you be happy with a continuous flow of fabulous chocolate and great coffee? Well the Danish sure are. Another thing the Danish are is relaxed. The Danish are very big on spending time with their families after work, so you won’t see them working on the weekends or at late hours of the night. That would be enough to make anyone happy. They also make sure to take care of their own with great healthcare and welfare.
  • Canada: Whether it’s because the Canadians spend so much time being polite to each other or because the health system in Canada is much better than in other countries, there is no denying the fact that Canada should have a place on the “Happiest Countries” list. It also helps that the country has a high level of employment and strong sense of community.
  • Vietnam: Vietnam is considered the happiest country in Asia and it may be due to the fact that their ecological footprint is lower than in many countries. A healthier environment is a good reason to be happy. Other reasons may be the beautiful natural locations and of course, the mouthwatering cuisine that they boast of.
  • Australia: If you have ever met an Australian, you have most likely met one with a big smile on their face. Australians tend to be called “overly friendly,” but they are actually just really happy. Whether it’s because they come from a beautiful country, that they have some of the best breaks for surfing, or because they have a great sense of community, as well as health care and employment, the fact is that they are a happy people.

Now that you have the information you need on the happiest countries to be found in the world, are you ready to start planning for your trip? If you want to take a great road trip to see beautiful scenery and visit incredible national parks, may we suggest Australia or Canada?

Either way, whichever country you choose to visit on this list, you are bound to be satisfied with the country. After all, it will be a happy one.

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