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The Ultimate Guide to Braces for Kids

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Everyone remembers how getting braces in high school was a sign that you were in puberty. Along with other things, it gave you the image that you weren’t the coolest or the most popular.

However, later on, you came to appreciate those braces because now you have one of the best smiles around. As a parent, don’t you want your children to have that fantastic smile? You have to start when they’re young though.

Braces for kids are important, but when should your children start? Here is a brief guide to the different options you have and when you should have your children get started.

When Should My Kids Get Braces?

So when should kids get braces then? You should take your child to their first orthodontist appointment as soon as seven years old. No, they won’t be getting braces this early, but your orthodontist can identify early signs of teeth growing abnormally.

You can get braces for your child when they turn around 12-13 years old when their adult teeth start growing in.

How Much Are Braces Going to Cost?

Remember to consider this as an investment into your kid’s future because that’s what the cost looks like. The average cost of braces in the United States hovers around $5000-$6000.

Unfortunately, most dental insurance providers don’t fully cover braces, no matter if they’re braces for children. So most of the cost will have to come out of pocket.

This is not always the case, but you need to consult your insurance provider to see what can be covered before the orthodontist appointment.

What Are The Different Types of Braces?

When getting braces, you and your child have several options that you can look into. Choose the best ones for them, not just based on cost, though.

Metal Braces

If you want to keep things simple, you can opt for traditional metal braces. These include wires and metal brackets.

They will take some time to get used to, but at least your children can choose the color of the rubberbands and maybe even the brackets being used.


clear aligners are a viable option for those kids who don’t want the stigma that comes with wearing braces, with the most famous of these being Invisalign. They come out easy, and they still allow you have your teeth clear.

They do have drawbacks, though. They take longer than other braces, and they take diligence to maintain. They have to stay in all the time except for meals. They can be uncomfortable for longer periods as well.

Ceramic Braces

Just as the name implies, ceramic braces they’re made of ceramic and can be clear or tooth-colored. They’re not as noticeable as traditional braces, and they move teeth faster than Invisalign brackets.

Ceramic braces are, however, about $1-2000 more than traditional metal braces. And because they are bigger than metal ones, they can cause gum sensitivity.

Braces For Kids

If you want your child to have that lasting smile, make sure you start now. Braces for kids can be expensive, but you can look at them as an investment, and your children will appreciate them later in life.

Don’t let them be left with a crooked smile; make sure they have the best smile today.

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