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The Top Legal Tint Percentages for Cars

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Did you know that the interior of your car could get to be over 170 degrees Fahrenheit this summer if you aren’t careful? When it’s hot outside and the sun is beating down on your car, it could potentially heat it up quite a bit.

One way to bring the temperature in your car back down to earth is by having window tint put on your car windows. Window film can stop the sun from wreaking havoc on your car’s internal temperature right away.

You should learn about the legal tint percentages before you invest in window tint for your car, though. Otherwise, your tint film might get you ticketed and fined.

Find out more about the legal tint percentages for cars below.

What Are the Different Window Tint Levels?

When you tint the windows in your car, you’ll find that the tint levels will go from 5% to 90%. These percentages refer to the visible light transmission—or VLT—that will be able to come through your windows when the sun shines on them.

The higher the percentage is, the lighter your tint will be. So if you have, say, 90% tint on your car windows, it’ll be very easy to see right through them. But if you have 5% tint, it’ll be pretty much impossible to see through your windows.

What Are the Legal Tint Percentages?

Although you can technically tint your car windows with whatever percentage tint film you want, each individual state has different window tint laws. So you’ll need to find out what the legal tint percentages are in your specific state before you invest in window tint for your car.

Some states, like California, only allow people to get 70% tint on their car windows and won’t let them go any lower. Other states, like New Jersey, don’t have any limits on how dark people can tint their back and rear windows.

You’ll need to see what the legal tint percentages are in your state to be sure you stay within your state’s legal limits when it comes to window tint.

How Can You Tint Car Windows Without Breaking the Law?

If you’re concerned about abiding by the legal tint percentages in your state, you should make sure you call on the right car window tinting company for help. This mobile car window tinting business will make it simple to choose an appropriate tint for your car in terms of the law.

They can also apply window tint to your car properly to help you make the most of it. You won’t have to worry about a thing when they’re on the job.

Look Into Tinting Your Car’s Windows Today

There are so many benefits that will come along with tinting your car’s windows. It’s why you should look into doing it ASAP.

As long as you know the legal tint percentages in your state, you’ll be able to tint your windows without breaking the law. You won’t need to be worried about getting pulled over every time you drive by a police officer with your window film.

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