The Top 5 Sex Games You Need to Try

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Do you ever feel like you’re among the 34% of adults who report that they’re unhappy with their sex life?

Whether you don’t have enough sex or the routine has gone stale, there are plenty of reasons why you may want more fulfilling romps.

Are you interested in knowing how you can spice things up? Keep reading to learn about 5 fun sex games that can breathe new life into your bedroom.

  1. Mystery Sex Toys

When it comes to having better sex, introducing toys into the bedroom can unlock new realms of pleasure for both partners. With so many toys designed for women, men, nonbinary people, and more, you and your partner can have a blast searching for toys to try together.

To play the mystery sex toy game, have your partner lie down and close their eyes or blindfold them with their consent. Then you can start using various toys on them and see how they react. For more information, this post can help you start shopping for your perfect match.

  1. 20 Questions

There are plenty of adult games that have been adapted from games we grew up playing, such as 20 questions. The rules are the same, but now you’ll want to make your partner guess various sexy things about you. Some examples of guessing could include which position you want to try, where you want to have sex, or what fantasy you’d like to act out.

  1. Sexy Story Time

One of the best sex tips out there is to never neglect foreplay and the power of anticipation. Some couples feel uncomfortable watching porn together, so another activity you can try could be reading something erotic. There are lots of stories that are open to interpretation, so you and your partner will feel more comfortable imagining yourselves as part of the action.

  1. Power Dynamics

Some people have never experimented with power dynamics as doms and subs, which are two roles people can play in a relationship. A dominant partner calls all the shots while a submissive partner follows their commands. As long as you discuss some rules and boundaries before you start, learning how to surrender and take charge can be super satisfying.

  1. Sex Dice

If you’re up for an adventure or you’re looking for some simple sex hacks to have a better time, one solution could be sex dice. Sex dice usually come in pairs where one has different body parts listed and the other has different actions listed. All you have to do is take turns rolling and do whatever the dice says!

Are You Ready to Try These Fun Sex Games?

If you’ve been curious about how you can spice up your love life, these sex games are an incredible place to start. Not only will they increase your pleasure, but they’re also a fun way to bond.

Do you want to know how you can spice up other parts of your life? If so, you can revolutionize your lifestyle by browsing more of our articles.

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