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The Secret to Creating a Customer-Friendly Retail Store Design

In the United States, there are over 1 million retailers in business, selling every imaginable product to customers.

One of the key areas where a retailer can get ahead is in the layout of their store. There are ways to use retail store design to drive sales. If done right, the layout of a store will be comfortable for customers and make them feel at ease with their purchase.

Here are a few ways that you can set up the perfect retail space for your business and customers.

Exterior Retail Store Design

The way your business is first seen by customers is important. The theme of the store shows in its appearance, and it is your first chance to set a mood. No matter what kind of store you are running, the outside can reflect that.

Another option is to make sure the outside is as clean and professional as possible. Make sure that trash is taken care of, and that receptacles aren’t overflowing.

Spacing Is Key

A problem with many small retail store design layouts is a lack of space. It is better to display fewer items if it means that there’s a comfortable amount of space in the shopping area. Make sure items are spaced out and that fixtures aren’t getting in the way of your customers.

No one wants to walk into a display case or bump into the corner of a shelf. The tighter and more confined the space is, the less comfortable a customer will be.

Lead Shoppers

Proper retail store design creates a path for customers to follow. Proper retail store layout design will guide customers from section to section. Most customers will move in a counter-clockwise direction through a store because most people are right-handed.

Knowing this allows you to put specials and items you want to sell in the path of potential customers. You can also connect various sections. For instance, towels could be arranged around swimsuits. The ability to lead shoppers by design is a huge advantage in marketing.

The Power of Lighting

The way the store is lit will have a major impact on how it is perceived. Utilize windows and lighting to open up spaces, making the store feel larger or more open than it is. You can also highlight items for attention by placing lighting on them, such as ornamental jewelry or limited-time items.

Where the light shines off of is important too. What you decide to put on the walls can make or break a retail store interior design. Are your walls going to be brick or slatwall panels? The choice is yours, but make sure it fits the theme and mood you are creating.

Always Support Impulse Sales

There’s a reason why supermarkets have candy bars by the registers. From knick-knacks to clothing choices, impulse buys focus on the highest margin items. That’s what you want customers to notice.

Retail Store Design

Retail store design has been a subject of intense study and interest since the mid 20th century. Giants like Wal-Mart and Costco spend a lot of money to make sure that they have good layouts for customers. Study the secrets of retail store design and take your business to the next level.

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