How Can Police Officers Improve Their Performance

The Road to Becoming a Better Police Officer

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Without a doubt, chance plays a role in all areas of your work. If you turn left at the next intersection, you’ll get a regular shift; all hell will break out if you turn right. You never know how a turn or a phone conversation will play out. However, depending on chance is not an intelligent strategy.

You were taught specific techniques to keep you secure in each operation. Do you still use them, or do you depend on three-leaf clovers and rabbit feet? Here are the things that can help enhance your work performance as an officer:

Arrive promptly and safely

Accidents can be fatal. Is your seat belt fastened? Is the pace at which you chose to drive suitable for the degree of criminality you are responding to? Are you calculating the speed based on what you know? Are you ready to murder yourself to be with your partner? If you are, you should reconsider the result for both your partner and yourself.

You might want to think about your car’s safety equipment at this time. Reliable police light bars and sirens on police cars and emergency vehicles ensure that you are seen and heard on the roads while you react to calls.

Make an undetected and unheard entrance

Of course, this is dependent on the circumstances. If you work in a rural area, you understand what it’s like to get a call about a house that has been built in a field with a clear road leading to the house and no shrubs within a mile of the property. Do you switch off your lights before you get to your destination at night? Is your siren turned off far in advance of your arrival (considering how far the sounds might travel)?

Plan out your response and plan ahead of time

Are you mentally going through your to-do list of things to be done before getting to your destination? TGTS (Things Go To Sh*t) is a plan that you should be following.

Be mindful of possible dangers

What do you think the possible dangers are? Identify the risks and prepare a response plan.

Don your bulletproof vests and go to work

What will you do if a suspect comes out the front door and onto the porch with a shotgun, you can wonder.

Request backup well in advance

It is better to provide it before it is requested. If you have asked for it, be patient and make it clear what you want from your backup. Some police departments respond to most calls on their own because they are small and rely on support from another agency. If you are unable to get the required assistance, ask yourself, “Do I have to fight this battle right now or can I put it off till the odds are more in my favor?”

Choose your words with care and consideration

If you’ve been a police officer for any time, you’re probably aware that the way you interact with people, the tone of your voice, and how you approach them can either cause or prevent issues. It would be ideal to have everything under control, and you could accomplish it by using your words.

If the situation turns violent, get it under control as quickly as feasible

You have about 30 seconds to exert yourself physically to the maximum extent possible before you exhaust yourself. So when trouble breaks lose, calm yourself, make a strategy, and get it under control as fast as possible.

Consider how your video or audio will appear and sound on YouTube or CNN

You must not only be great, but you must also be attractive in both appearance and voice. If you don’t give them anything to complain about, you’ve won the battle. Exceptional street art is typically accompanied by equally great documentation.

Make sure your report is detailed

It’s preferable to spend a few more minutes writing a better report than to appear in court with the suspect smirking at you while the defense attorney questions you on the inaccuracies in your version of events.

Beginning a profession as a police officer can be thrilling, energizing, and even a little frightening. We questioned current police officers, such as Dr. Patrick Calhoun, who has 24 decades of work expertise with the Tulsa Police Department, what they felt was needed to thrive in this field. Consider how you can develop your abilities and offer the most satisfactory service possible as you prepare for a rewarding profession safeguarding the safety of others.

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