The Rise of Electric Car Manufacturing

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Hybrid or electric cars have been on the market for quite some time now. It is usually powered by electricity, fuel, or both. Owning an electric vehicle cuts costs in fuel which makes it cheaper that having other manufactured cars; charging facilities are available to substitute for fuel. Also, hybrid cars have relatively cheaper insurance. Maintenance of electric vehicles is quite different since its engine does not compose of the same elements as those that have internal combustion. Its components are simple and do not demand regular services.

Some countries have government subsidy towards electric cars. Overall, having electric cars is cheaper and cost-effective in the long run. The driver experience in electric vehicles is varying as well since the technology has been introduced. It is smoother and faster with safety considerations such as airbags and minimized exposure to electromagnetic fields. Electric cars are also environment-friendly since it has no carbon emissions, unlike fuel-powered cars.

On the other hand, this technology is still quite limited due to the few resources of the vehicle, repair and its parts. Charging may be helpful to other users but some would need to travel far for this. Additionally, it requires more time to refuel. Purchasing an electric vehicle is an investment due to its high purchase cost. As it is still developing, more cars are being available to suit different budgets and various designs are promising to consumers.

China is known for manufacturing cars and electric vehicles are not excluded. The country is the top seller of electric cars with the US standing in the second. China is more open to the technology and the US is considered hesitant to embrace the technology. Some of China’s first drivers have purchased electric cars and the sales in electric vehicles may reach up to 3 million yearly. These are manufactured in China and also sold locally. Notably, China has an increasing market for electric vehicles while the US has stabilized their numbers in the industry.

China’s rise to manufacturing electric vehicles corresponds to development in charging infrastructures and government subsidies. The competition between Chinese and American manufacturers is also heating up. American car developers are on their way to producing cheaper electric vehicles however, the Chinese have been ahead manufacturing relatively cheaper than the former. China’s electric vehicles are far from the complex ones that Tesla, an American manufacturer, has forecasted.

The rise of China in manufacturing and as a whole country began with economic reforms implemented in the country. If not for this, China would have continued experiencing economic turmoil. This is a result of the Sino-Japanese War and the Rape of Nanking incident that occurred in decades ago. China has progressed since then and has been competing with the US as the greatest economy. The two nations battle in different industries but also help each other in terms of trading resources. Generally, China and the US stand on different economic grounds but are definitely the most powerful.

Electric car manufacturing is an industry to look out for most especially for the US. China has been experiencing growing sales and this is reflected in their economy. It is safe to say that they are ahead in this aspect. Consequently, the US is trying to keep up with the technology. One factor to consider is how consumers view electric vehicles as part of their lifestyle.

This changes the view of how the technology could be more beneficial to people than merely considering it as a product of science. Having electric vehicles have more advantages and with growing consumer demand, it should also promote more environmentally conscious options for everyone.

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