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The Only Two-Way Radio Buying Guide You’ll Ever Need

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Believe it or not, sometimes using a smartphone isn’t the best way to communicate.

Two-way radios still offer a lot of benefits and can be a much better choice when cell phone signals are scarce and when you need to communicate quickly. Despite the rise of smartphones, two-way radios have evolved over time and are still a useful tool for individuals and businesses.

Choosing a two-way radio that suits your needs isn’t easy, however, so you’ll need to know what it is you’re looking for. In this guide, we’ll tell you how to choose a great two-way radio.

Decide Between Analog and Digital

When buying a two-way radio, consider whether you want to get an analog or digital radio system.

While analog radios can be affordable, offer a lot of simplicity, and are pretty straightforward to use, they may not have a lot of extra features. Digital two-way radios have a lot of advantages over analog options and will have longer battery lives, better audio quality, and more features.

In most cases, digital two-way radios will be the best option and will give you the functionality and quality you need. If you’re looking for a reliable digital portable radio, be sure to check out the bk radio kng p150.

Check the Range

It’s also important to consider the range of any two-way radios that you buy. When making your choice, you should think carefully about how you’ll be using your two-way radio and how far away you’ll be from the people you’re communicating with.

You should also keep in mind that obstructions can make a big difference in how well your two-way radios work. The listed range for a radio that you’re buying will be for direct communication with few obstacles and want to take the actual use conditions into consideration.

If you’ll be using your radio indoors and with walls or other obstructions around, you’ll want to keep this in mind. Be sure to choose a radio with a range that is good enough for your needs.

Consider the Size

You should also consider the weight and size of the two-way radios that you buy, particularly if you’ll be mobile while using them.

Getting a compact and lightweight two-way radio that can easily be put into a bag or attached to your belt can be very helpful. This will allow it to serve its purpose while also not being too difficult to carry.

On the other hand, if you’re in need of a heavy-duty and durable radio, you may want to consider getting a larger unit that will work well when you’re working outside or doing other activities.

Know the Battery Life

You should also think about the battery type and the battery life before buying two-way radios as well. Some handheld two-way radios will come with rechargeable batteries while some will use regular alkaline batteries.

Depending on how long you’ll need to use your radios, you may want to get batteries that will last a long time such as lithium-ion batteries. Lithium-ion batteries are often used with two-way radios because they will last for longer periods of time.

IMPRES batteries can also be good options that will allow for long battery life and will give you adequate power for your needs.

Know Your Licensing Needs

If you’re buying two-way radios for a business, you should consider whether you need to buy an FCC license.

To get a radio for your business, you’ll typically need to get a license as well. License requirements and fees will vary based on whether you’ll be getting UHF or VHF radios.

Licensed radios are well worth it and will help to ensure that you can communicate privately and with protection from interference. You’ll want to think about your needs carefully and ensure that you buy an option that works for you.

Additionally, there are some non-licensed radio options available. These may work well if you don’t want to deal with meeting licensing requirements and don’t need the extra protection and privacy.

Look for VOX Features

It’s also a good idea to determine whether the two-way radio you buy has Voice Activated Transmit (VOX) features or not.

VOX can allow you to use your radio without your hands and can be helpful during certain activities and in a variety of situations. When you’re using this mode, the microphone will stay on and your voice will automatically be transmitted once the radio notices that you’re speaking.

Keep in mind that not all two-way radios have these features. You’ll want to be sure to check for them when making a purchase if you think that VOX will be important to you.

Check for Additional Features

There are many other features that may be included with a two-way radio depending on its quality and the model that you buy.

Some additional features you might want to look for in two-way radios include weatherproofing, weather alerts, and emergency fixtures. It may also be helpful to find a two-way radio that offers Bluetooth compatibility if you need additional functionality and would like to be free from cords and wires.

There are other options and features you’ll want to consider as well. Be sure to look at the specific features that any particular two-way radio includes and consider how you’ll use your radio if you want to make the very best choice.

Finding the Best Two-Way Radio for Your Needs

If you want to buy a two-way radio, make sure that you consider all of the important factors that relate to your purchase. Considering the radio’s range, battery life, and features will all be important when making your choice.

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