The Only Guide You’ll Ever Need to Choose the Best Online Casino

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Stuck at home but still hoping to have fun gambling?

The good news is you don’t have to go far. With a PC or tablet, you can enjoy casino games in the comfort of your home. However, not every online casino is the same.

Not sure how to find the best online casino? Not sure which one is worth investing time and money in?

Don’t fret, we’ve listed down all the factors you need to check out right here. Continue reading our guide below to learn all the different aspects of an online casino so you can pick the right one:

Is It Legal Here?

The first thing you need to check when picking online casinos is the legal operation. Where is the casino online based and does your country allow them to operate where you live? Even online casinos have to follow laws set by each country and the governing gambling industry.

Confirmed that it’s legal to play in your country and to play with the casino website/app of your choice? Great, but now you need to make sure they carry the proper licenses and permits.

In the US, it’s illegal to run an online casino. However, that law doesn’t stop Americans from playing casinos run in other countries. Look for workarounds like this to make sure you gamble without legal risk.

Never play in an online casino that doesn’t follow all the legal rules because you might run into trouble later. What if they refuse to pay out your winnings, or what if the authorities launch an investigation into their operations? Stay safe and only play in legalized online gambling sites.

Check the Available Games

Ever walked into a small-time casino? It can become a disheartening experience when you see only a handful of games. The same applies to online casinos, too.

The best casino websites will have a wide variety of options.

Even a game as simple as poker can have a ton of varieties. The most common is Texas Hold ‘Em poker but there is also seven-stud poker, Caribbean stud, five-card draw, and more.

You can find Texas Hold ‘Em poker tables with different buy-in rates too. Look for a table with low buy-ins if you still want to get your feet wet. Go for the high-stakes tables if you have the money and desire to win big in one go.

Slot machines can come in many forms too. One website can have dozens, if not hundreds, of slot machine games. Each one comes with different aesthetics, buy-in requirements, and bonuses.

Of course, each game on the website will come with its own house edge and volatility rate too. We’ll tackle these two below.

Signup/No-Deposit Bonuses

Never sign up for a casino website if they don’t offer some kind of signup or no-deposit bonus. These help newcomers test the waters and play games with little to no risk. Without them, you’ll have to gamble real money right out of the gate.

A signup bonus or no-deposit bonus is basically a giveaway of chips. You can then use these to try out the different games on the casino website. However, the main caveat is that you often can’t withdraw winnings when you place a bet using the signup bonus.

It’s not about the winnings; it’s about testing the website, the games, and the house edge and volatility rates.

House Edge

Ever wondered how a gambling establishment continues to run even when people win big? Most casinos, whether physical or online, have a slight advantage over each player. This is the house edge or house advantage.

Some slot machines, for example, might have a 5-10% house edge. This means the casino has a 10% higher chance of beating the player.

When picking games at a casino, always make it a habit to check the house edge first. Those rates will make or break your chances of consistently winning big.

Keep in mind that the house edge rate differs from game to game. An online casino might feature dozens of slot machines or blackjack tables. Each one will have a different house edge rate, so take your time to observe before playing.

Volatility Rates

If the house advantage refers to the chances of you winning, volatility rates refer to a game’s swing. This is how often you’ll win or lose big. A game with a high volatility rate means you could win a big prize, but it also means you risk losing a lot of money in one go.

Take a game of slots, for example. A slots game with a high volatility rate will likely require a high buy-in. You have to spend a lot for you to win a lot.

That said, when you do win, you’ll come out with a big jackpot. It’s now up to you to decide: do you want to play for small winnings and keep earning or join a high-volatility table for a one-time, big-time jackpot?

Withdrawal Limits

Won big from the slot machines? You might not be able to transfer all your winnings to your bank account. Many casino websites feature withdrawal limits.

For example, a site might feature a limit that restricts withdrawals to $5,000 a week. If you won $20,000 from several games, you’ll have to break that down to $5,000 a week. This means it’ll take a month to withdraw all your winnings.

There is one exception to this restriction, however: progressive jackpots.

Progressive Jackpots

A progressive jackpot is like a bonus jackpot on top of the winnings someone earns in a bet.

In a game of poker, for example, the players will continue to win the chips gambled per round. However, they can also contribute to a growing progressive jackpot.

No one will win that jackpot, however, until they meet certain conditions. In this example, the dealer might require a player to beat the others with a royal flush. Not only will that player win the round, but they’ll also win the progressive jackpot.

Always Read Reviews

Before you even sign up and start playing, take some time to read reviews. Casino reputation should always be a priority. There are thousands of players from all over the world, many of whom will leave reviews.

Stay informed and use those reviews as a pillar to decide whether or not you’ll enter a casino website or look elsewhere. Good reviews will tell you all about the house edge, volatility rates, signup bonuses, available games, and any issues the player ran into.

Not sure where to look for reliable reviews? You can check out TG Online Casinos reviews for a start.

Online Security

Every gambling website should be able to provide excellent security. After all, you have to provide vital information such as your credit card, full name, and contact information. A poor security system could lead to someone hacking the site and stealing all your data.

One good way to verify a site has a strong security system in place is to look at the address bar. A padlock image beside the URL indicates the site features modern security plugins. This is a website’s SSL certification.

UK casino websites must also be both PCI and GDPR compliant. These are two measures integrated into a website to secure players’ financial data.

Accepted Transaction Methods

One of the biggest benefits of playing in an online casino compared to physical gambling is the abundance of accepted transaction methods. Many physical casinos only deal in cash and credit. Online casinos can accept other methods, such as PayPal or cryptocurrencies.

Make sure that the casino you want to join and play in accepts the transaction method you prefer. This ensures you won’t run into issues when you’re trying to buy more chips or when it’s time to take home winnings.

Supported Devices

Most online casinos work well on a regular PC or laptop. However, there are now mobile casino games that you can access on the go. These will work well on a mobile phone or tablet.

If you are the type of player who prefers gambling on the road, make sure that the casino supports mobile gambling. They should have the information available on their About Us page or FAQ page. If they don’t, either contact customer service or test the site out on a phone.

Check Customer Support

Speaking of customer service, make it a habit to give them a call or chat. Check how responsive they are and if they give answers relative to your queries. Slow customer service is an indication of an unreliable casino website.

If they can’t answer basic questions on time, how will they handle bigger concerns like glitches in a game or withdrawal issues?

Find the Best Online Casino Today

Now you know how to find the best online casino. Make sure to read the legal terms, look for permits, and check the website thoroughly. Look for their house edge rates, withdrawal limits, and available games.

But why stop learning with this guide about online casinos?

If you enjoyed our guide and are looking to learn more, we’ve got a whole library of posts for you. Check out our other posts right here to discover tips and tricks regarding CBD, entertainment, guns, and more!

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