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The Most Popular Exterior Paint Colors

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Are you thinking about repainting the exterior of your home?

Exterior paint colors can add curb appeal to your home. It can liven up the outside and give your home a fresh look. A fresh coat of paint can also increase the home’s resale value.

But how do you navigate this challenge? This quick guide will consider the most popular exterior paint colors.

Go Bold with Red, the Most Popular Exterior Paint Color

Bold with red paint can instantly draw attention, change the look and feel of a room, and work with any style. Whether looking for a classic, updated look or a modern, contemporary feel, red is the perfect all-in-one option.

In addition, red is an excellent color choice as it will help to up the curb appeal and boost the value of your home. With the many shades of red to choose from, you can find the right color to fit your design style.

Grey and Earthy Tones for a Modern, Contemporary Look

Gone are the days when bold and bright colors were needed to make a statement. Whether you prefer cool blues or warm browns, earthy and grey tones can be combined with accent colors to create an eye-catching and elegant exterior.

Homeowners can also play with textures and combinations to create an interesting and unique look while staying true to their modern and contemporary design philosophy. Non-traditional exterior elements such as wood, stone, or metal can perfectly blend with these cooler tones to complete the modern look and make the home stand out.

Vibrant Colors for Stunning Facades

Vibrant colors for stunning facades are becoming increasingly popular due to their ability to bring bold, bright hues to homes. Popular home exterior paint colors include playful shades such as electric Blue, sunny yellow, and scintillating pink.

Adding one of these colors to a home can draw passersby’s attention and create a visually stunning façade. Other popular paint choices include warm earthy tones that exude a sense of comfort, such as rich browns, creamy pinks, and muted purples.

Unearthly Beauty of Today’s Most Trendy Blues

Companies like Harbor Painting Company offer a variety of unearthly beauty in their trendy blues. These color transitions are created with undertones such as gray and white and touches of natural green.

These new Blue exterior paint colors create a modern and inviting look while emphasizing outdoor architectural features. From Mediterranean to contemporary homes, these bold blues allow the home to make a fashion-forward statement in any neighborhood.

Discover the Secrets of Timeless Classic White

White is an iconic and classic color of paint, the perfect backdrop to any designer home. Low-maintenance yet offering a striking visual, nothing says effortless and calming like the hue of white.

It is the perfect hue for any home, regardless of size. It is also incredibly versatile, allowing you to pair the hue with bright and bold colors, playing off its simplicity. Not to mention, it can also appear fresh and modern in the right context.

Explore the Most Popular Exterior Paint Colors

Adding exterior paint colors increases curb appeal, making it inviting and attractive. Despite so many options, some paint shades are more popular than the rest.

From classic whites and grays to vibrant blues and yellows, any exterior painting colors can bring a beautiful look to any house.

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